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Links to examples of rubrics


Grading matrix for Discussion Board postings


Excellent (3 Pts)

Good (2 Pts)

Acceptable(1 Pt)

Unacceptable(0 Pts)


Initial posting and responses on time.

Initial posting is on time, one response is late

Initial Posting is late and responses are late

Participates not at all.

Initial Posting

Posts well developed statement that fully addresses and develops all aspects of the task.

Posts well developed statement that addresses all aspects of the task; lacks full development of concepts.

Posts adequate statement with superficial thought and preparation; doesn’t address all aspects of the task.

Posts no initial thoughts.

Follow-Up Postings

Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussion by building on previous posts. All required responses.

Elaborates on an existing posting with further comment or observation. All required responses

Posts shallow contribution to discussion (e.g., agrees or disagrees); does not enrich discussion. Or only one response.

Posts no follow-up responses to others.



Posts factually correct, reflective and substantive contribution;

advances discussion.

Posts information that is factually correct; lacks full development of concept or thought.

Repeats but does not add substantive information to the discussion.

Posts information that is off-topic, incorrect, or irrelevant to discussion.

References & Support

Uses references to literature, readings, or personal experience to support comments.

Incorporates some references from literature and personal experience.

Uses personal experience, but no references to readings or research.

Includes no references or supporting experience.

Clarity & Mechanics

Contributes to discussion with clear, concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that is free of grammatical or spelling errors.

Contributes valuable information to discussion with minor clarity or mechanics errors.

Communicates in friendly, courteous and helpful manner with some errors in clarity or mechanics.

Posts long, unorganized or rude content that may contain multiple errors or may be inappropriate.

Rubric for Portfolio Plan

 Criteria  Outstanding  Acceptable
Needs Improvement
1. Essential Conditions
    No attempt to assess essential conditions
2. Incentives
3. Vision Statement
4. Stakeholders Comm. Plan
5.1 Collection/ Digital Artifacts Plan
5.2 Reflection Plan
5.3 Showcase Plan
6. Skill Dev. Plan
7. Resources Plan
8. Evaluation Plan

Rubric for Blog Entries


(28-30 points)


(24-27 points)


(18-23 points)


(0-17 points)

   high level of thought


   considerable effort 


   well organized 

   variety in products 


   substantial application to own career

   shows individual’s personality 

   demonstrates both depth and breadth 

   highly imaginative

    well covered



    effectively and clearly presented 

    demonstrates clear understandings 

    applies what has been learned to the program

    clearly shows connections 



    supported with ideas


        minimal effort 

        minimal original thought 

        minimal organization 

        includes general information but lacks descriptive detail 

        some application to career

    missing evidence or information 

    sloppy or poorly organized 

    demonstrates only surface understandings 

    no evidence of application to career

    poorly written or does not include rationale statement