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Portfolio Careers

Supplemental Readings on Personal Online Branding and Portfolio Careers
A powerful purpose for ePortfolios could involve managing knowledge workers' career development, from high school through late career. There is another opportunity: managing "portfolio careers." Portfolio careers are becoming more widespread in our society: multiple part-time jobs, flexible working patterns, consulting practices, etc.  Here is where an ePortfolio can provide an ongoing environment where individuals can develop and manage their own personal SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

Reflective portfolios can help individuals build self-awareness and a positive online identity (their personal brand); I often quote from a Harvard Business Review article by Peter Drucker, "Managing Oneself", which is a great way to organize reflection in a professional portfolio:
What are my strengths?
How do I work?
What are my values?
Where do I belong?
What can I contribute?
I became aware of the Drucker article at a conference on advising highly talented undergraduates, where the opening keynote speaker, from Harvard, said he had all incoming freshmen read this article.

Here are some readings and videos on personal branding and portfolio careers: