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Examples of online portfolios

Blogger examples from Pt. England

Early Childhood Portfolios Blogger
http://kdgroom102.blogspot.com/ (Carol Stream, IL)

http://manaiakindergarten.blogspot.com/ (New Zealand)
http://hunterparkkindergarten.blogspot.com/ (NZ - with links to 2 public blogs)
http://hpkgtn09abigail.blogspot.com/  (NZ = public student example in Blogger - lots of embedded images+video)

Intermediate/Middle School

Blogger examples from Pt. England


All Pt. England blogs:

6th Grade - YIS (Kim Cofino) - Blogger

e-Portfolios created at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, Auckland, New Zealand (students in years 7-8 – ages 10-13)
Tim (posted to Weebly)
Cheyenne (saved to Wikispaces)
Jessica (saved to Wikispaces)
Ellen (saved to Blogger)
Nicola (saved to Blogger)

Sample portfolio with real data: https://sites.google.com/site/asbindia2009/home

High School
Google Sites examples
Google Sites Portfolio Templates
When creating a new Google Site, there are new templates available to use. Here are some of the templates available for portfolios:

Questions from Student-led conferences (ASB)

  • A reflection entry that shows some of my best thinking about my learning
  • A goal I have achieved or a goal I want to achieve....
  • Something new that I have learned about myself since the beginning of the year
  • Something I have done that I am most proud of this year

  • Here is an improvement piece (something that shows my progress) (You could compare two artifacts to show your improvement.)

An area I know I need to work on
  • An area of school I am really good at