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Open GoogleDocs Electronic Portfolio Planning Worksheet and save a copy so that you can edit it. (Googledocs File Menu->Make a copy...)

Step 1: Essential Conditions - Are you ready for ePortfolio Implementation?

  1. Read the Essential Condition rubric (PDF Attachment) and do a brief self-assessment about where you think your school/district rates on the rubric.
  2. Make a brief note of the “evidence” you have to support that self-assessment. If you are here with someone from your district, complete the self-assessment together.
  3. How will the ratings impact on your plan for implementation? What can you do to improve the situation? 

Step 2: Incentives - Why Create ePortfolios?

Benefits of ePortfolios - Collaborative activity

Review these articles. Then, with your team, adapt the list for your grade level/school, deleting those items that are not appropriate for K-12 schools. All of these articles were written for higher education.
  1. Laguardia Community College Benefits of ePortfolios
  2. Benefits of an ePortfolio
  3. 41 Benefits of an ePortfolio
Identify Incentives for participation in e-portfolio development (self-awareness, intrinsic reward systems) (Why would your students want to develop an ePortfolio?)

Step 3: What is your Purpose/Vision?
Write your vision statement for your e-portfolio implementation. Review the slide show that is embedded on the page in the Resources section and the examples provided there.

Step 4: Stakeholders - Who is involved and how will you introduce them to ePortfolios?
Identify Stakeholders in Portfolio Implementation Process and Develop Initial Communication Plan for each stakeholder group

Step 5.1: Plan for Level 1 implementation: ePortfolios as Storage (how will artifacts be created, where will they be stored?)

Step 5.2 Level 2 Portfolio as Workspace - Plan for scaffolding reflection

Step 6. Brainstorm Skills/Training Needed. Develop plan for building e-portfolio skills of various stakeholders.
  • Technology Skills Assessment Inventories
  • Portfolio/Assessment for Learning Competencies
  • Collaboration Self-Assessment Tool

Step 5.3 Develop plan for Level 3 - Portfolio as Showcase (optional for lower grades)

Step 7. Identify Resources & Assistance needed, Challenges and Barriers

Step 7.1 Identify preferred tools and rationale for selection

Step 8. Develop evaluation plan - Establish expectations/targets and timeline