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Alternative to planning document

*Alternative for Implementation Plan: If you are not involved in implementing ePortfolios with students, you may substitute these planning activities with developing your own professional portfolio. There will be Alternative suggestions for each lesson under the Planning activities:

Alternative Assignment (building your own professional portfolio):

Lesson 1: Decide whether you are going to create an implementation plan or your own professional portfolio and address the planning questions but focus on your own professional portfolio development context. Assess your own readiness for developing a professional portfolio.

Lesson 2: What are the benefits for creating your own professional portfolio? What is your ePortfolio purpose and vision?

Lesson 3: Create an online space to store your artifacts and identify the artifacts you have collected and how they will be represented in your portfolio (the matrix identified in the Portfolio Activity and in the Level 1 resource).

Lesson 4: You have already established your own blog as part of this course. You should consider developing a reflective digital narrative to add voice to your portfolio. See the section on Digital Storytelling.

Lesson 5: Create a hyperlinked website as a showcase portfolio, organized thematically. By now, you should select the appropriate presentation portfolio tool. You may use pages in your blog (WordPress or Blogger), or Google Sites, or Weebly, or WikiSpaces, or another online service, such as Mahara (free hosting available at http://portfoliocommunities.com/ or http://foliofor.me/). Resources for development:

Lesson 6: Write your own self-assessment of your portfolio in your blog. Select one of the rubrics to guide your self-assessment. Share your portfolio link with your primary audience and get feedback.