3. Planning

Creating an ePortfolio Implementation Plan

The major formal assignment of this class is to collaboratively build an ePortfolio implementation plan. There is a planning template that is posted on this page in two formats: a GoogleDocs document or a Word document (attachment at the bottom of the page). If you have signed up for the facilitated class with a team, you will only need one version of this planning document that you will all develop collaboratively. I recommend making a copy of the GoogleDoc document, and sharing it with all your team members (and with my GMail address if you are in the facilitated class so that I can give you feedback as comments in the document). Even if you are taking the facilitated course as the only person from your school (a "singleton"), you will have me on your team! If you are a singleton, I could also pair you up with another facilitated class member who is from a similar situation (i.e., high school teacher, elementary school teacher, administrator, technology coordinator, etc.).

Open GoogleDocs Planning Worksheet and make a copy (Googledocs File Menu->Make a copy...) (or download the Word file at the bottom of this page).
Once you make a copy, you may edit the file in your own GoogleDocs account.

Steps  Resources to Use
1. Review ePortfolio Readiness Checklists (School or District and Individual Teachers) and describe your implementation situation (student ages, curriculum, technology access, etc.).
ISTE Essential Conditions Rubric (in attachment below)
(Lesson 1)

2. Identify Incentives for participation in e-portfolio development (self-awareness, intrinsic reward systems) Activity - Benefits of e-portfolios
Use GoogleDocs Template provided
(Lesson 2)
3. Develop a draft Vision Statement for ePortfolios in your school Use GoogleDocs Template provided
(Lesson 2)
4. Identify Stakeholders in Portfolio Implementation Process and Develop Initial Communication Plan for each stakeholder groupAdd to GoogleDocs Template provided
(Lesson 3)
5. Develop three-level implementation plan - Measures to assess progress
* Level 1: ePortfolios as Storage
* Level 2: ePortfolios as Workspace
* Level 3: ePortfolios as Showcase (secondary only)
* Level 3: ePortfolios for Assessment
Add to GoogleDocs Template provided

(Lesson 3)
(Lesson 4)
(Lesson 5)
6. Develop Professional Development plan for building e-portfolio skills of various stakeholders. Individual needs assessments
Add to GoogleDocs Template provided
(Lesson 4)
7. Identify Resources & Assistance needed, Challenges and Barriers Add to GoogleDocs Template provided
(Lesson 5)
7.1 Identify preferred tools and rationale for selection
Add to GoogleDocs Template provided (Lesson 5)
8. Develop evaluation plan - Establish expectations/targets and timeline Add to GoogleDocs Template provided
(Lesson 6)