This is the workspace for an online course Introduction to E-Portfolios in K-12 Schools, developed by Dr. Helen Barrett.

The important links in this Google Site:
  1. Syllabus - the overview of the entire course, all assignments and topics

  2. Schedule - an overview of the lessons, followed by detailed plans for each one
    • In Lesson 1-Overview (What?), we focus on the big picture, look at some examples, and begin a planning process.
    • In Lesson 2-Purpose (Why?), we focus on creating a vision for implementing electronic portfolios. (Benefits and Purpose)
    • In Lesson 3-Collection (How? Level 1 Portfolio), we look at creating and storing digital artifacts based on the integration of technology into the curriculum. (Collection/Digital Archive)
    • In Lesson 4-Reflection (How? Level 2 Portfolio), we look at reflection (metacognition) on a day-to-day basis (including goal-setting), organized chronologically. (Reflection/Direction/Feedback)
    • In Lesson 5-Presentation (How? Level 3 Portfolio), we focus on different types of showcase portfolios, organized thematically, including more retrospective reflection. (Showcase/Presentation)
    • In Lesson 6-Assessment (How well?), we will look at evaluating portfolios and developing rubrics. (Evaluation)

  3. Planning - a summary of the major components of the implementation plan, followed by details of each component.

  4. Resources - all the resources we will use in the class, including Tools we will use, and links to Readings

  5. Tools - Overview of the variety of Web 2.0 tools that are available.

  6. Digital Storytelling - While not a part of the course, this section provides examples of digital narratives and an overview of the process of adding voice to ePortfolios through short reflective videos.

  7. Discussions - free and open discussions may be held on the ePortfolio Academy listserv.

  8. Registration for facilitated course - Information on facilitated course communication is available after registration through Paypal
Supplemental courses:
  • Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Google Apps
    Specific focus will be on the use of GoogleApps for Education. This course is for teachers who have already decided to adopt GoogleApps for Education. The content of this course includes the content of the Introduction course, with additional in-depth focus on using GoogleDocs, Google Sites, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Digication, Teacher Dashboard.
    Website: https://sites.google.com/site/eportfolioapps/course-lessons
    including four additional lessons
  • Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Mobile Devices
    Specific focus of this module will be on the use of iOS or Android Mobile Devices.
    Website: https://sites.google.com/site/mportfolios/course-lessons
    including four additional lessons