Step-by-Step Screenr

Here are some steps for putting together your Digital Narrative with Screenr:
  1. Write your script in GoogleDocs:
  2. Select some images to go with your digital narrative. Here are some good websites to get Creative Commons images:
  3. Put together a slide show of your images... you could use Flickr, Picasa, or PowerPoint.
  4. Create an account in Screenr: (you can use your Twitter account if you have one)
  5. Watch the 1-minute tour that explain how to use the software.
  6. Click Record to make a new file

  7. Follow the instructions on the screen for How to record
    Open your slide show in your selected program.
    1. use the frame to identify the portion of the screen that you want to record.
    (Print out your script so that you have the script in front of you)

    2. Click the red button to record (you can pause the recording if you need to)
    (Read your script while you navigate through your images)

    3. Press Done when finished. (uncheck the box that asks if you want to post to Twitter... unless you want to!)
    (The program will compress your video, and give you the URL and an EMBED code when finished)

  8. Only when the Narrative is completely finished, Copy the URL or the Embed code.
    Notice that you can download a file that can be played on an iPod (.mp4) and you can also publish this video to YouTube.

  9. To add a link to this VoiceThread into a new blog entry, you will need to copy the URL.
    To embed the video in your blog, you will copy the Embed code, and paste it into the HTML view of your blog. For users, you will need to use VodPod Firefox Extension for WordPress. See another page for more detailed instructions.
    Embedding "non-iFrame" versions of Screenr screencasts on WordPress