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2018 Training Activities.  
The scheduled training activities for 2018 are listed below.  Note that there are some changes in the training schedule for 2018.  

Weather Spotter Training
  • National Weather Service public weather training.  Completed January 29, 2018.  
  • ECS Advanced Weather Spotter Training, Completed February 5, 2018. 
ECS Protocols Training and Exercise.  Completed February 24, 2018

Weather Spotting and Protocols Testing  - Completed March 31, 2018

All training and exams have been completed for 2018.  The deadline for completion of the testing was 11:59 PM on March 31.  It will take a bit of time to compile all the testing results, member info form responses, attendance info, and dues payment records.  Once that's complete, ECS Member Certificates will be issued to those members who re-certified in 2018 and any new ECS members for 2018.  

If you have questions about your Member status, contact training@k0ecs.org

If you need to review storm spotting basics or ECS protocols, see the resources below:
Full training requirements are detailed on the right hand side of this page.  
Training Requirements

New Members - see the "Join" page for a full list of the ECS membership requirements. 

Existing ECS Members must meet the following criteria to remain certified:
  • Every year:
  • At least every other year:
    • Attend the NWS Spotter Training
    • Attend the ECS Protocols Training and participate in the ECS Protocols Exercise.
    • Pass the on-line tests covering the content of the NWS spotter training and ECS protocols.