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Membership Requirements

To become a member of Johnson County ECS, complete the requirements below.

Contact training@k0ecs.org if you have questions about membership requirements or training.
  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Hold a current technician class or higher amateur radio license. (send a copy to training@k0ecs.org)
  3. Complete the ECS Advanced Weather Spotting training.  (see the Training page for schedule)
  4. Complete the ECS Protocols training. (see the Training page for schedule)
  5. Participate in the ECS Protocols exercise. (see the Training page for schedule)
  6. Pass on-line exams covering Weather Spotting and ECS Protocols (two separate on-line exams - see the training page).  
  7. Complete FEMA ICS courses 100 and 700.  Links to these FEMA courses are below. (send copies of certificates to training@k0ecs.org)
  8. Pass a background screening. 
    1. Fill out the form at this link.  Submit the completed form to the County as instructed on the form. 
  9. Have a mobile 2-meter radio with a minimum of 25 watts output to an externally mounted antenna.
  10. Pay membership dues of $5.00 per year.
  11. Update your Member Information Form each year.
Training and testing (Items 3-6 above) are conducted in the first quarter each year.     
All other steps can be completed at any time, but must be completed by March 31 of each year to count for certification 
or recertification for that year.

Existing members must repeat the training and testing items (Steps 3-6 above) at least every other year to maintain certification.

Links to FEMA Courses: