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Training/Exercise scheduled for 2/16 postponed

posted Feb 15, 2019, 1:40 PM by Herb Fiddick

The ECS training and exercise event scheduled for Saturday 2/16 has been postponed.  Rescheduling information will be posted as soon as it is available and will be discussed on the ECS Weekly Monday net at 7PM on 145.470.

Training dates announced for 2019

posted Jan 14, 2019, 3:24 PM by Herb Fiddick

Dates for all required training and exercises have been posted on the web site.  Check the Training section for details. 

Training Dates Announced for 2018

posted Dec 13, 2017, 6:41 PM by Herb Fiddick   [ updated Dec 13, 2017, 6:41 PM ]

Training dates for the 2018 ECS spotter training have set by the Training Committee and ECS Board.  See the Training Page of this web site for more details.  

Training Dates Announced for 2017

posted Jan 9, 2017, 3:38 PM by Herb Fiddick

Dates for the 2017 NWS Spotter training and ECS Protocols have been announced and posted on the Training page.  

Testing Concluded for 2016

posted Apr 1, 2016, 7:09 AM by Herb Fiddick

Testing for 2016 has been concluded as of midnight March 31, 2016.  Prospective and existing members still have a short time to pay their annual $5.00 dues and complete the member information form update.  See the Join and Training pages for more details.  

Protocols Exam Now Posted

posted Mar 13, 2016, 9:41 AM by Herb Fiddick

The 2016 Protocols exam has been posted.  You may find links to the exam on both the Join and Training pages.  New members and existing members wishing to re-certify in 2016 have until March 31, 2016 to complete all membership requirements, including the protocols exam.  Once  you complete the exam, you will be notified by E-mail only if you do not pass.  Direct questions to training@k0ecs.org.

Spotter Exam Now Posted

posted Jan 28, 2016, 6:12 PM by Herb Fiddick

The on-line exam for the NWS Spotter training has been posted to this site.  Look for links on both the "Join" and "Training" menus at left.  The NWS Spotter exam will need to be completed by March 31, 2016 for prospective members as well as existing members who are re-certifying in 2016.  

New On-Line Membership Info Form

posted Jan 13, 2016, 12:55 PM by Herb Fiddick

The Membership Info Form has been converted to an on-line form for 2016.  All members and prospective members must complete the on-line form.   Click on the link in either the Join or Training sections and complete all required fields, even if the info hasn't changed since 2015.  Once you click "submit" after the last section of the form, the info will be automatically recorded.

2016 Training

posted Jan 11, 2016, 10:30 AM by Herb Fiddick

2016 training dates have been announced.  Details are on the "Join" page (see the menu on the left side of this page).
The Join page contains complete instructions for anyone wanting to become a new member of ECS.  Remember that existing members of ECS must re-certify at least every other year. 

Welcome to the new website!

posted Oct 22, 2015, 9:17 AM by Herb Fiddick   [ updated Nov 24, 2015, 7:25 AM ]

Welcome to the new ECS website.  You will note many content and format changes. 

ECS members have access to additional content.  Members who have been notified about their credentials in this new site can log in to see the additional content at the bottom of the left-hand column of this page.  If you are an ECS member and are having trouble logging into the site, contact webteam@k0ecs.org.

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