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So you want an explaination of the comic?  Ok, I'll help you out!

Most people think that when you spin a bucket full of water above your head, the water stays in the bucket because of "centrifugal force."  Unfortunately, the definition of centrifugal force implies that when something spins in a circle (like the bucket) then the contents (the water) would be pulled towards the center (your head).  Centripetal force is what really keeps the water in the bucket, the outward force applied by the spinning bucket. 

Many people are convinced that if you use the equations for force and gravity and all that jazz that eventually proof of centrifugal force becomes obvious, but the mathematics behind it are very advanced.

That's where the joke of the comic comes in.  Bond doesn't believe in centrifugal force, but the evil guy does.  *Argue argue bicker bicker* later, Bond dies.  The true question now is, by centrifugal force or centripetal force?