Geek Humor

This site is dedicated to taking humor from across the interweb and compiling it on this site.  This will not be slapstick humor, no no, this will be esteemed humor of the highest order.  This humor will be the kind only appreciated by the elite class known as the geeks.

Math Proofs

Debate About the Box

There is a difference between a geek and a nerd.  A nerd has no friends, is always walking fast through the halls with his head down, and has the social capabilities of a piece of dried bread.  Geeks however, are technologically saavy and suave.  Although smart and often overachievers, they are still able to function and maintain a social life that is deemed acceptable by their peers.  They are the "go-to-guy" for help with various "smart people" problems and if ever are teased it is good-natured.  Geeks are not outcasts, Geeks are smart, and it is the geeks that are welcome here.  Please visit all of the links and laugh it up with the various humor that I am able to provide!  I hope you find it satisfactory.