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In the several years I've been playing the HPS Squad Battles series of games off and on, I've accumulated various files, links and docs for the game. My interest has always tended towards "looking behind the curtain" of the game, trying to figure out how things worked and how to change how things worked. I've tweaked and tested and poked and prodded. It's fun, trust me.

Now I'm sure there's a lot of folks out there who have done the same thing, made mods to graphics, tweaked data files and just generally did things with the game system other than just play the scenarios. The problem is that we don't have a centralized location to capture the "corporate knowledge". Lots of the info does get posted to the forums, but it's not easily accessible and as time goes by the individual posts slowly disappear back into the archives.

To address this situation I have created this web site. To help populate this site, I've started threads in the GameSquad and Wargamer Squad Battles  forums to encourage people to post their own knowledge on all subjects Squad Battles related. Click on those links to go right to the thread (opens in a separate window!) to make a contribution.

If you wish to contact me directly, you can email me at jztemple "at" gmail.com

Note: the video demos on this site will open on a separate browser page or window, displaying the standard YouTube page with embedded video. Due to the limitations of the Google Site system I am using, I cannot embed the videos directly in my own pages. Just in case you wanted to know

Subject Categories - Note, items in each header are listed alphabetically:

New Scenarios!!
How to Play the Game, and Play it Better - articles for the newbie and the not so newbie
  • Assaulting: A Guide to Newbies And Others - Assault is a critical activity players will undertake most every game. Be sure you know the ins and outs (last updated 2009-01-14)
  • Using the Tac-Aid tool - Tac-Aid is a great little tool created by William Thomas which can demonstrate the effects of all types of shooting situations. It's easy to use and very educational for the newbie or even the experienced Squad Battle player (last updated 2009-01-02)
Game Concepts - Rules, their interpretation and implementation discussed and tested
  • Civilians and Captured Units A discussion of the Users Manual section on Civilians (last updated 2008-12-08)
  • Disrupted, Demoralized and Pinned This is a write-up taken from the User guide to put in one place the effects of these three states. (last updated 6/01/08)
  • Effectiveness, Rest and the Mega-Scenario Rest is a game concept introduced to allow units and weapons to recover effectiveness. (last updated 12/4/08)
  • Field Testing Where I test various features of the Squad Battles game engine, sometimes with a bit of tongue in cheek. (last updated 8/01/08)
  • The Suicide Bomber  When Andrew "IronX" Glenn released The Long War Mod, he included an interesting new unit, the Suicide Bomber. This article discusses the bomber and how it can be used. (last updated 3/30/09)
  • Thoughts on Squad Battles Asymmetric Scoring Asymmetric Scoring is not used in any existing SB scenario, so in what kind of scenario would be applicable? Latest update includes a new test scenario to demonstrate Asymmetric Scoring (last updated 12/01/08)
Inside the Guts - Poking around inside the game; not really needed to be understood by the player, but hey, isn't it cool in there?
  • Grunt Guns - Rifles - A look at five of the standard rifles in the Squad Battles series and how they compare (last updated 2009-01-27)
  • Killing Vehicles - Some Practical Examples - This article discusses fire against vehicles, using some practical examples. I have avoided including the heavy math, but I'd be happy to discuss it in the forums. (last updated 2009-04-11)
  • Map Features Effect On Armor Vulnerability - This article follows up on the article "Killing Tanks" (last updated 2009-05-29)
  • Parameter Data File info This page captures some of the information from a GameSquad thread discussing the differences between all those various .pdt files. (last updated 8/01/08)
  • Understanding the Combat Results Calculations - Squad Battles uses a common routine to resolve both Firing and Assault combat. For both of those situations, a Combat Value is generated and applied using the Combat Results calculations. This article explores the math and the results. Note, Updated to add new Table 4 which shows fire combat results in steps of 10 rather than by steps of 40, and a Table 5 that goes in steps of 1. (last updated 2009-04-10)
Hints and Tips on Playing the Scenarios - From the Squad Battles gurus, grunts and grognards
Links to Squad Battles resources - Help for players, scenario designers and modders alike
Guides to Scenario and Mod Building - How to do it, and do it better
  • SB Design Team Discuss Their Philosophies on Design - The content of this was supplied by TheBigRedOne as part of an article he was preparing and is used with his permission (last updated 12-10-08)
  • The Long War Mod Inventory OOBs and SCNs - This page provides information and a download containing OOB and scenario files for The Long War mod by IronX. The files should be useful for those building scenarios for the mod (last updated 2009-01-09)
  • Video Demos using the SB SCW database editor - Adding a rifle grenade function to the M1983 rifle, shown in three videos (last updated 12-06-08)
  • Video demo of use of submap editor - This demo demonstrates how to create a submap in Squad Battles and then add a new label to the map (last updated 12-08-08)
  • Video demo of use of the OOB Editor - These are a series of tutorials showing how to create OOB files for scenario building. The tutorial is in three parts just to break up the filming and the upload, nothing special about when it shifts from one to the next. (last updated 12-11-08)
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