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You are Cordially invited to view our newest line at the Off Price show in Las Vegas.
Located on the lower level of the Sands Expo  February 19 to 22, 2017 Booth 3723.
You will find our new lines in the super stretch denim and classic leggings
designed for comfort and durability without compromising quality or price.

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Premium Denim Jean Wholesaler.

Fit, Design and Quality makes Nina Rossi Jeans and JZ Premium labels
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 Nina Rossi Jeans By JZ are authentic right down to the stitch.
We have carefully crafted each pair to look and feel as if they were made specifically for you!
We carry the newest denims and hottest styles!
                                                 CALL FOR SPECIALS! 213-748-5141!

A popular theory for the word "denim" is that it is a derivative of a French fabric known as "serge de Nimes". Because denim was traditionally dyed a blue colour it also got the name "blue jeans". But "jean", which is derived from the word Genoa, is actually a different material from Italy. In the 1500s it is said that Genovese sailors wore jeans. The popularity of both fabrics grew but they were used for different types of clothing, denim became the choice material for workers as it is the more durable, and jeans material was used for lighter weight pants.

The story is that rebellious teenagers in the 1950s/1960s started to use the term jeans instead of the "waist overalls" which was Levi Strauss original name for their denim pants.

No fashion item has offered versatility, durability, comfort and glamour as successfully as designer jeans. This is why we are again experiencing another revolution in designer jeans. Jeans are very much status driven, Seven and True Religion are just a couple of the new super pricey boutique brands on the market. The price and universal appeal of designer jeans can be attributed to celebrities who have countless pairs of designer jeans in their wardrobe. Today's innovative jean makers are able to provide jeans fans with the most versatile and figure flattering jeans ever. Whatever your shape, personal style, or status, you will be able to chose from a fantastic range of designer jeans.

Each decade designers have managed to reinvent jeans so they to suit the attitudes and fashion trends of each generation. Designer jeans are an excellent investment for both men and women.  



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