Chronic Fatigue to Sub 4 Hour Marathon Finish

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Current PRs ( set at 31-32 years old)

400 m: 61.2

Mile: 5:18

5K: 19:09

10K: 39:44

Half-marathon: 1:28:12

Marathon: 3:21:56

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If you or someone you know has a persistent medical condition, you have probably heard that you can only hope to control it with prescription drugs, which you may be forced to take for the rest of your life.  Perhaps you are not satisfied with your current level of health in spite of taking the drugs that are intended to eliminate your symptoms.  You may be faced with the unhappy choice of living with the full effect of the symptoms of your disease or getting some relief from those symptoms while facing extremely unpleasant side effects.  Needless to say, neither choice is particularly attractive.  Fortunately, you do have other options.  Chronic conditions not limited to arthritis, high cholesterol, hypertension, acne vulgaris, kidney disease, autism, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Chrohn's disease, ADD/ADHD, clinical depression, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, drug addiction and even some forms of cancer have been successfully treated or completely reversed by natural means.  One of the main keys to success is the detection of the root causes of your pain.  I have focused on alternative treatments for depression, thyroid and adrenal disease on this website because of my personal experiences with these conditions and extensive research in those areas.  The root causes of each condition can most often be found on a  Tissue Mineral Analysis and/or a neurotransmitter screening.  Specific nutritional programs and supplements are then tailored based on your individual results.  As for my story, the short version is that I, a one time NCAA track athlete, could barely jog 2 miles at a very slow pace and felt exhausted even during a  light workout.  Prescription drugs did little good and caused other problems.  In desperation, I finally turned to a natural approach under the direction of a health care provider.  In the next calendar year, I completed two half-marathons (13.1 miles) and completed my first 26.2 mile marathon in a respectable time of 3:56 on May 4th, 2008.                               Good luck and prayers to all,