Smith papers

Edwin W. Smith (1876-1957) was a missionary/anthropologist who became President of the Royal Anthropological Institute in the 1930s. Some of my Smith researches have been published elsewhere but this page has been created to display my paper that was published in October 2013 in Social Sciences and Mission. In spite of all the proof reading there is some confusionn on page 231 and this may be resolved by common sense or by adding 'and' before 'as' on line 9  and reading 'Smith' instead of 'Smith's' on line 10.
Some other Smith papers may appear here later. I wrote a book on Smith, The Quiet Wise Spirit (2002), but there is an overview article at 
My papers on Smith's missionary formation, his engagement with the printed word, his work as a WW1 Chaplain and much shorter version about his work on anthropologyhave now been published on:
W. John Young,
Sep 30, 2014, 9:43 AM