Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty, Ph.D
Department of Physics
Technical University, Berlin,Germany.



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Nanomagnetism and Fun


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I am a researcher working in the area of thin film magnetism, studying nanoscale structural/magnetic/electrical properties using synchrotron radiation, scanning probe techniques and neutrons. My interest is to understand new phenomena and science of nano-scale structures and their dynamics (faster time scales) for basic research and possible applications.

If you want to understand function, study structure: F. Crick, Nobel Laureate

Current Research Topics:

  • Ultrafast and Nanoscale magnetism
  • Micromagnetic Simulations
  • Coherent Magnetic scattering studies of magnetic thin films  and multilayers 
  • Charge and Orbital ordering in Manganites 
  • Metal-Insulator Transition 
  • Charge Density Wave in Solid

Research Interests: (for details visit Research Section)


Selected Publications:

  • T. Plake, T. Hesjedal, J. Mohanty et al., "Temperature-dependent magnetic force microscopy investigation of epitaxial MnAs films on GaAs (001)" Appl. Phys. Lett. 82, 2308 (2003)

  • R. Engel-Herbert, T. Hesjedal, J. Mohanty et al., "Magnetization reversal in MnAs films: Magnetic force microscopy, SQUID magnetometry, and micromagnetic simulations" Phys. Rev. B. 73, 104441 (2006).....More>>>>>