: jyliu0329 at gmail dot com


I am currently a PhD student in the Institution of Automation, Chinese Acadamy of Science supervised by Liang Wang. I am a joint-training PhD student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Merced supervised by Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang.

Research Interests
Deep Learning and Object Recognition


Jingyu Liu, Yongzhen Huang, Liang Wang, Shu Wu, Hierarchical feature coding for image classification, Neurocomputing, 2014, 144.

Jingyu Liu, Yongzhen Huang, XiaojiangPeng, Liang Wang, Multi-view Descriptor Mining Via Codeword Net for Action Recognition, ICIP, 2015.

Jingyu Liu, Yongzhen Huang, Junran Peng, Jun Yao, Liang Wang, Fast Object Detection at Constrained Energy, IEEE transaction on Emerging Topics in Computing (TETS).

2015 Low Power Image Recognition Challenge, 2nd place in the main track and "Least Energy With High Accuracy" award.
2015 ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Competition, 6th place in the object detection track.