Fluttering Pattern Generation using Modified Legendre Sequence for Coded Exposure Imaging


Finding a good binary sequence is critical in determining the performance of the coded exposure imaging, but previous methods mostly rely on a random search for finding the binary codes, which could easily fail to find good long sequences due to the exponentially growing search space. In this paper, we present a new computationally efficient algorithm for generating the binary sequence, which is especially well suited for longer sequences. We show that the concept of the low autocorrelation binary sequence that has been well exploited in the information theory community can be applied for generating the fluttering patterns of the shutter, propose a new measure of a good binary sequence, and present a new algorithm by modifying the Legendre sequence for the coded exposure imaging. Experiments using both synthetic and real data show that our new algorithm consistently generates better binary sequences for the coded exposure problem, yielding better deblurring and resolution enhancement results compared to the previous methods for generating the binary codes.


Table of the proposed fluttering patterns

Sequences Length Sequence (Hex)
30 16A3809B
40 6ED109A838
50 02952CB8A2301F
60 0769257A06018B8E
70 2661230C25F85A3554
80 260186CCE097C62AAD2B
90 00733FCFA45A75E02AF092B2
100 0FB14E90234D6C91D5B787A3B9
110 03490F849D2CCFE500CCB9D73F55
120 BE7192BABA931CFA742D801B42E5F3
130 0073E9D0B6006D0B97CE32577752639F4E
140 0FC807BC9964B787C2CA919522842A33AF39
150 011CC82A74E8D5F663BE69680E8FE969823918
160 8C098D191405CBC2E24B3F98EF2F802E596AAF34
170 0166AF63826461899071BD5BACA0B7E1BB0FDA0A6BB5
180 011E755D200EE87C2C789E85219089979468ED49BBED96
190 12CBFD0221072F92F972F0E2660C6192B02D89A2A6B11DC5
200 7302CA07604A05BC6937C5BB2A2AC848B5AED76A600E3F170E