I have mailed in all of my 18 signatures to the office of the Secretary of state of Washington State. They should go out tomorrow evening. And that's all folks.

Are you pleased with the Washington state legislature?

 Do you believe that they are the wise and educated leadership they think they are? Do you believe that they should make decisions for the state because they are connected and experienced? Do you believe that they should think for you?

Didn't think so

The most common complaint I've heard about the legislature is they think they're smarter than the voters. If being smarter than the voters is wrong, then why don't we replace them with the voters and cut out the middle men. We could be represented by...

What if the state's eligible voters drew straws and picked 100 or more eligible voters to represent all of us. Instead of petitioning the legislature, the voters could be the legislature. Every eligible voter would have a chance and would be represented equally .

That's just the idea behind WA State Initiative 1354,
"draft random voters as state legislators act"

People who complain that the state legislature has too many professional politicians are like people who wander into a used car lot and complain that there are too many used car salesmen. When you are elected to the state legislature, professional politician becomes your job title. Replacing our elected officials with new candidates will not change that.

The only way to change the results is to change the system.

I'm looking for support to put this initiative on the ballot

Please contact me at, John Parker Woods

A) Elections cost money, money talks and people with money will have be heard. Our elections have given our country the best government that money can buy.

Q) I'm not sure that this is a good idea (cough)

A) When it comes to a representative government, there are no good ideas, only a choice of bad ideas. I believe that this is the best of the selection of bad ideas. 

Q) People won't go for it

A) Are you seriously saying you won't support an issue that your neighbors won't support.  Nope! You're too embarrassed to admit that you love having professional politicians. Most voters actually do. that's why Americans reelect their representatives almost 100% of the time. American representatives serve for life, despite all the elections.

Q) When we're picking at random, we could get anything

A) I'm not a statistician, my only experience with randomness is throwing dice playing role playing games, which in practice was just rolling handsfull of dice. If you roll one die, you never know what you are going to get. However, if you roll a handful of dice, one roll looks like any other roll. the results depend on the typical behavior of the dice. Let's say you roll one hundred dice. The total count would be about 350 plus or minus about 30.

I think if we select 100 eligible voters at random, we will get a citizen's legislature that look approximately like the eligible voters of the state of Washington.

Q) Why only 100 people.

A) This is a constitutional minimum. I don't believe in tying the hands of our legislature. That size can be enlarged by an act of law if the legislature want more representatives.

A) The citizen's legislature is supposed to a deliberative body, where everybody says their peace and to talk to everybody else. The larger the legislature, the more it becomes more like a crowd and less like a group. One hundred people would take a day just to stand up and say their peace. More than a day would be beyond most people's attention span.

A) Our current capitol building's largest chamber has desks for only 98 representatives.

A) Even with the margin of error for only 100 representatives, it's still a much more accurately representative body than our current winner take all district based system.

Q) How do we know that their qualified?

A) They're qualified because they are the voters.

They don't represent the voters in the traditional sense, like a lawyer. Instead, they represent the voters because they are a representative sample of the voters. Randomly selected representatives are a cross section of the eligible voters. Their beliefs  and interests would be an approximation of the eligible voters.

A) Each of the representatives are uniquely qualified to say if a policy is good or bad for them. Since they are a random approximation of the eligible voters, what is good for the representative should be, at least approximately, what's best for the eligible voters 
Q) They don't represent me because I didn't vote for them

A) Politicians don't represent anyone but themselves. Your only control over them is to fire your representative in the next election. Funny thing, most representatives are going to be re elected FOR LIFE. Does that sound like representation. Didn't think so.

They don't represent you because they're not like you. Most politicians are old rich white male lawyers. Politicians don't know you and don't think like you. That's why politicians are always coming back to their community to attend public meetings to ask their constituents opinions. They don't know what you want and how you think. These are PROFESSIONALS who worked hard to get their positions and they don't know.

There are a group of people who understand the voters, they are THE VOTERS. 

Like a jury of your peers, you would be represented because people like you would be selected for the legislature. That's the reason for random selection without excuses or exclusions. Chances are, there will be people like you selected for the legislature.

Q) There's no accountability.

A) Your representative's only accountability is losing the next election and most modern representatives serve for life. How's that for accountability. Instead, throw all of them out and start again EACH YEAR. If the voters can't stand our legislature, our new legislature will be chosen from people who couldn't stand the last legislature. That's accountability.

Q) Aren't we going to be represented by IDIOTS?

A) Are you an idiot? Are your friends idiots? Is your community full of idiots? Are the majority of the eligible voters of Washington state composed of idiots? If so, then you should run for the state legislature because they have the reputation of thinking that Washington state voters are all idiots who need their expert guidance.

To paraphrase ex secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, the government represents the country we have, not the country we wish we have. That includes stupid people.

Another problem is that the current definition of stupid people is people who don't think or talk like I do. So, however defines stupid defines who's represented in the government.

 Excluding groups of people from the legislature would be like excluding groups of people from juries. Our country has had a long history of excluding minorities and women because they might vote for the "wrong verdict". Here's a question, should stupid people be allowed to vote. Look in the mirror and think carefully before you answer that.

Juries are known as idiots because smart people find a way to get out of jury duty. I believe that the answer to this problem is to allow no excuses whatsoever.

The truth is, despite all your complaining about professional politicians, you believe in government by professional politicians. You just don't trust them to make important decisions like raising state taxes or setting class size or regulating marijuana ...
The voters should fire the legislature and replace them with people they trust, the voters.

You think that choosing at random would give us idiots. Just tell me that our elected officials are smarter than the average voter. Go ahead, I'm waiting ... still waiting ...

Q) Shouldn't they pass a basic test of competency such as the Naturalization Test  to show that they're not complete idiots.

A) That smells much like the literacy test

Representation is a right under the 14th amendment, equal protection under the law . The new legislature only represents the eligible voters if the legislature is an unbiased sample. The legislature is not supposed to look like the graduate class of the University of Washington. The legislature is supposed to look like the eligible voters of Washington.

The other problem with a test is it would have the exact opposite effect of it's intent. The only people who would want to pass the test would be idiots or paupers.

Let's say that you were called for jury duty. Jurors have a reputation for being idiots. So they require you to pass a test. If may only serve on the jury if you pass the test: 

Two plus two equals 1) Three 2) Four 3) Five 4) KITTY

Did I hear all of you yell KITTY? Of course I did. Why? YOU'RE NOT IDIOTS !!!

I know why you want a test, you don't want to serve. Fair enough. Nobody wants to serve. Fortunately we have a procedure for selecting people to do things when no one wants to do them and they still have to be done. We draw straws.

Q) What about asking for volunteers?

A) Imagine for a second that we asked for volunteers to serve in our juries.


wasn't that fun


volunteers would not look like their community. volunteers would look like the few obsessed  and interesting people who attend government public meeting.

Look on the bright side, none of them would be you.

Q) Isn't picking just anyone as a representative like applying the principle of "all men are created equal" to a driver's license?

A) Representation in the government is not a privilege,  it's a right . The legislature only represents the voters because it looks like the voters. Any group that is not in the legislature has no representation in Olympia. If we exclude stupid people from the legislature, then we are taking the vote from every stupid voter in Washington.

Q) I believe in open elections and open debate IN PUBLIC!

A) And how well is that working out for you. Every time you see an ad for a candidate, please remember the following:

1) The only way to appeal to the majority of the voter is to LIE ...

    Tell people what they want to hear or ...

    Be as vague as possible so that people hear what they want to hear ...

    Blame the mythical OTHER PEOPLE who are never in the room ...

2) Open government: despite years of effort, government doesn't make decisions or deals in public. People get together in restaurants or hallways and make deals. Nobody is candid and open in the light of day. Your representatives appears in public for one reason only, to run for reelection. Meetings are pro forma events scripted to play for the public.

3) Representatives don't know what the voters want. THEY DON'T. They work hard and campaign to get into office. When they get into office, they come home and ask, "what do you want?". They're the experts, the professional representatives and they DON'T KNOW! The only thing that representatives are required to know is to how to get elected.

4) People, especially elected representatives, don't want to discuss problems in public. People are far more likely to record themselves having sex than they are to record their family meetings or marital disputes. Politicians are only candid in private meetings.

So open elections and open elections are something of an illusion. You never know exactly what or who you are voting for and you don't control them they are in office.

Q) Will representatives be selected randomly from each district?

A) No, the representatives will be chosen at large. The power to draw districts is the power to control elections. Even with random selection, districts have the power to minimize the power of an opposing group. Say your state manage to draw a district that includes most of your state's minorities. No matter how many minorities are in that district, they will only be represented by one person, effectively nullifying many of their votes

Q) what about proportional voting?

A) What kind of proportional voting?

1) Party-list proportional representation: vote for your favorite party. You always agree with your political party, like everybody else does, RIGHT There are countries that use some form of this system. The problem is that there are so many hybrid versions of proportional voting that your question could refer to almost any kind of voting system.

 If you want a parliament, let's just elect a parliament (election by party).

2) Single transferable vote: instead of voting for one candidate, list the candidates in order of preference. IE your favorite, second favorite, third favorite ... you'll never throw away your vote again. Except that you're still voting from a list of professional politicians and the is still determined by who draw the district lines and decides who gets lumped together

3) Giving each candidate a vote in the legislature proportional to the votes they receive: We would still be voting for professional politicians and they would still only represent the supporters of the two main candidates. They would not represent the "lesser of two evils" decision that becoming more numerous thanks to our current two party election system.

Q) How will they be chosen?

King County chooses their jurors from a list of compiled from voter's registration, driver's licenses and identification cards. I suspect the state would use something similar.

Q) Should we replace our qualified representatives with random people off the street?

That depends on what you kind of government you want in Olympia.

Professional legislature: specialists with the experience in government and an education in the law (comes in handy when writing laws) who convene to research the issues and make their own choice because they're the experts on government and know what's best.

Citizen's legislature: part time legislatures drawn from all walks of life, they have ties to the community and have a diversity of experiences dealing with the outside world. They don't have to be told how to vote by voters because they are the voters.

If you prefer a professional legislature, you must be pleased with our current WA state
legislature. They are hard working, smart, educated professionals with years of experience. I'm sure that they can research and decide the issues so you don't have to.

However, if you want a citizen's legislature, then all we have to do is pick about a hundred or more citizens at random and send them to Olympia to represent Washington state.

If you want to make sure we only get smart people, we can randomly select from the one percent of the state by income? They are the state's smart professionals ... didn't think so.

Q) We should follow the Constitution!

A) Part of that constitution is the authority of the state legislature to place amendments to the state constitution before the voters for ratification. I1354 politely requests that the state legislature uses that authority to place an amendment before the voters that will clear up the ongoing dispute over the proper role and authority of the state legislature.

Q) You know what I mean!

A) Over the years, as Washington state needs have changed, the citizens have approved amendments to the state constitution that update it to fit our current needs. Our legislature is slowly grinding to a halt, and we need anther way. A cosmetic patch job won't do.

IE: Should they deliberate and decide or just vote the way they are told?

Q) I'm an Anarchist and don't believe we should have a government

A) There will always be governments, whether you like it or not.

Q) Isn't this a violation of the US Constitutional guarantee of a republican form of government guaranteed by Article Four, section 4  of the United States Constitution?

A) This clause has been superseded by the
Equal Protection Clause and I consider I1354 to be a better representation of equal protection than the current legislature.

According to the courts, this is a decision
best left to congress.

Washington voted to give women their right to vote before Washington became a state. The measure was struck down in court, not once, but twice before it was passed nationally. That never stopped them. Washington state should never be intimidated by court fights over their right to be heard in our own Washington state government.

If America had limited itself to what was "possible", they would never have come as far as they did. No it's our turn to reach for the near impossibility and reform our government and give a possibility of a voice in government to every eligible voter in Washington State.

Q) Won't the majority run rampant and trample the rights of the minority?

A) The State of Washington will still have an elected Governor and a supreme court to moderate and constrain the will of the majority. Also, this will not be a public opinion poll, it will be over a hundred eligible voters of WA who will be drafted to convene and deliberate and vote in person and personally face the wrath of the minority opposition in the legislature.

Q) But I won't see how they vote and won't know who to call to complain about ...

A) You won't have to, because the legislature will be replaced with Washingtonians who had to put up with the last legislature and they may be as mad as you are.

Q) Aren't we going to end up governed by a bunch of idiots who can't avoid jury duty?

A) Nobody is going to avoid this jury duty. Everyone will have to serve, including idiots

Q) Won't smart people come up with a dumb excuse like I did like my neighbor did to get out of legislative duty and leave us with the stupid and the useless to run our state?

A) Most people have LIVES and completely justifiable reasons to skip legislative duty. There are no provisions for any excuses, reasonable or unreasonable. The only excuse that that will get you out of servicing in the legislature is a certification of brain death.

Also, if you don't serve, people like you will not be represented in Olympia.

Q) When I was on jury duty, the lawyers on both sides cherry picked the jury pool to get the results they wanted. Is this what's going to happen here?

A) No, there will be no one to strike anyone from the jury pool. Maybe there should be someone to strike legislatures, but I don't trust anyone for this job.

Q) I don't want to serve two years in Olympia? Are you nuts!

A) Oops, my bad! When I filed I1354, I thought it was obvious that we should select a new legislature every year. Obvious to no one but me. Sorry about that.

But, does this mean that you think that the problems of WA state are someone else's?

Q) Why not a longer term, with staggered selections, like the US senate?

A) In three years, they will become professional politicians. You love professional politicians, don't you ?

Q) What about Washington State residents stationed overseas, will they be represented?

A) Unless their units can get along without them, active duty personnel and personal in training or command structures are exempt from jury duty,  which means active duty personal won't be represented in the legislature. I apologize deeply for this. However, over 1/3rd of the Republican voters aren't represented in the state legislature because they're in the wrong district and that's more than the servicemen and woman overseas (less than 60,000). I deeply apologize for this injustice, but it's outweighed by the injustice of our current system.

Q) That many aren't represented by our legislature?

A) That's the 38% is the average percentage of Republicans voting in Democratic house of representatives races (not counting the districts without a Republican candidate) times the 1.3 million votes for Romney equals almost 1/2 million disenfranchised Republicans . That in comparison  to our state's over 60 thousand in active duty.

Q) What about unrepresented Democrats?

A) For Democrats, that's 40% of the 1.6 million people who voted for Obama in 2012, for a total of 0.64 million Democratic voters in the wrong district

Q) Why should I care, I don't belong to any of those
Crazy Political Parties of WA State
A) All the more reason for you vote for I1354, then Washington State will have equal representation for Independents and libertarians and Socialists and the Tea party and RINO's and the Owl party ...

Q) Isn't this going to cost a lot of money we can't afford!

A) In general, draftees are cheaper than volunteers.

Q) What about the $100,000 to hire a law firm, that's not chicken feed.

A) Two year's in average state income is nothing to sneeze at. However, I was told that an initiative had to actually do something. Hiring a law firm would do that.

Q) What if I don't feel like showing up.

A) That is punished as RCW 2.36.170 Failure of juror to appear


A) If serving in the state legislature was optional, we would be governed only by people who have nothing better to to, who have no jobs or family or responsibilities. In order to properly represent the state of Washington, the legislature has to be an unbiased sample of all Washington eligible voters. Like it or not, that means the draft.


A) The legislative session is 105 days in odd years and 60 days in even years. You'll live.

Q) Why don't we just vote the idiots out of office!

A) Like you did in the previous election and the election before that and the
election before that ... Our current legislature is a product our our current election system. Another election will give a similar result. To get different results you need a new system.

Q) What about a bipartisan redistricting committee to fairly redistrict our state

A) The two parties have two thing in common: 1) They're all professional politicians 2) They all want to get reelected. Professional politicians always design elections to favor their reelection. That's why getting elected to a modern legislature is a job for life.

Q) You stink and you have cooties!

A) All completely irrelevant. I'm not running for office. All that matters is the initiative.

Q) Why do you think you have all the answers?

A) What I think is that the voters have all the answers and I'd like to send them to Olympia

Q) Aren't you doing all of this for money, you greedy ...

A) If somebody is willing to pay me to lobby for my initiatives full time, I would love to quit my current job and work full time. Until then, I'm barely making enough at my regular job to pay for the photocopying.

Q) What if this whole thing turns into a giant mess we can't get rid of?

A) If everyone hates the new system, the next year's legislature will be selected from people who want to get rid of the new system. That's a perfect recipe for change.

Q) Isn't this a part of your fiendish plot to destroy America and to enslave the world.

A) No, it's actually a plot to stop the voters from whining about the state legislature throwing away their votes in a system that doesn't represent their interests when they live in the wrong county and vote for the wrong party

Q) Won't the state still be run by Puget Sound Liberals?

A) America runs on
one person/one vote, not one county/one vote and this will not change things. It will put everyone of every political stripe on an even playing field and open up the possibilities of alliances among people on an issue by issue basis. You may find that sometimes you are in the majority and sometimes you are not.

Q) I don't trust decisions made in secret by a committee I didn't elect!

A) Then I hope you never have to stand trial before a jury of your peers, because that's what the new legislature most closely resemble. And juries need the protection of secrecy to allow them to make their own decisions without being influenced by threats or bribes.

Besides, do you (or anyone) trust our elected leaders. Professional politicians have a lower rating than used car salesman. Do any of them live up to the term "professional"

But, would that be worse than the decisions by the the legislature that now votes in public?

Q) I still think that political decisions should be made in the cleansing light of openness.

A) Frank and open discussions don't take place in public, that's why people don't film their family meetings or marital fights. As long as everything is in public, everyone will be posturing for the public and nothing will get done. People who live in glass houses don't have babies.

Besides, if the new legislature were to vote in public, their neighbors, friends, and employers would know which representatives to bribe/reward or to intimidate.

Q) The people aren't qualified!

A) If the voters of Washington state aren't qualified to make decisions, then who is?

 Would you prefer a professional legislature to make decisions for you. I didn't think so. If you want your representatives to represent you then the best answer is random selection.

PS If the voter aren't qualified to vote on legislation, why are they voting on initiatives.

Q) The mess in Olympia is bad, but this makes it worse!

A) How is this even possible ???

Q) The system is working perfectly well now, why change it

A) You're kidding, right. Nothing ever gets done because legislates are elected to fight, not to make decisions or to pass bills or packages or solve problems.

Q) Who's bankrolling your efforts?

A) No one, unless you count Google for giving me a free website. Thank you.

Q) The system is broken!

A) We will always have a government and we will never have a good government. Washington state has to chose between different broken systems. I believe that I1354 is less broken than what we have now. To compare any government to an ideal system is madness.

Q) We already have direct representation, through citizen's initiates.

A) most initiatives don't get on the ballot without over a half a million dollars.
Money talks.

Government by initiatives is a patch for a nonworking system. They tend to be feel good titles that never work together as a cohesive whole. The message always sent is the voters want more services and lower class sizes but don't want to pay any taxes.

That doesn't work

Q) What's your progress?

A) I have two signatures on a ballot that may be invalid because of a typo. At the West Seattle Farmer's Market I collected a dozen signatures from the customers and I gave out a almost two dozen business cards with my the address for my web site.  I have  two from my mom and her friend. I have this website, that hard to find on a search engine unless you know exactly what you're looking for. I plastered downtown Seattle & Capitol Hill & the University district with posters, which were torn down. I dropped off a couple along Martin Luther King Way. I got a picture of my poster on a Seattle downtown posted by Dan Savage on a blog for The Stranger. I got an email from  academics who study sortition. I dropped in for a couple hours of the folk life festival. I didn't know I could collect signatures in the Seattle center grounds, so I stood at the entrance nearest to the Space Needle. I handed out a half a dozen business cards, I don't think any of the people found my web site. The only signature I got was from a guy who sold single cigarettes who felt sorry for me. He signed it sight unseen based on my recommendation.

Of course, by attending the West Seattle Farmer's Market, I missed Hempfest.

Q) How much money have you spent?

A) I've spent about $170 including a custom yard sign & posters and petitions & a cool cap & an unnecessary taxi ride because I got confused and to the wrong bus to the green party. Always give complete information when asking directions from your bus driver.

Q) It's going to cost over a million dollars to put the initiative on the ballot?

A) That's a lot, but compare it to the cost of 147 legislative races statewide plus the costs of the endless initiative races chewing up millions. I believe that a citizen's legislature should drastically reduce the number of initiatives by addressing the underling issues of citizen's initiatives by letting a citizen's legislature decide our laws. It may also nip other initiatives in the bud because if they were popular to the voters, they should be popular to a citizens legislature. IE they would be passed as law by the new government. 

Q) How are people reacting to your initiative?

A) People  avoid initiatives
like the plague. They aren't interested in initiatives and just keep walking and avoid contact. They're too polite to say, "stop bothering me".

Some have creative excuses, such as "I'm from the state of ... NOT WASHINGTON"

1354 has the advantage of the, "say what!!" factor. People don't believe their ears and they stop to ask me to repeat the title at least three times before they hear me.

About 3/4th of people who stop to hear an explanation have a sharply negative reaction and consider initiative 1354 a form of
Idiocracy or rule by idiots. I'ts weird to hear voters describe the majority of Washington state voters as idiots.

About half of the people who support 1354 recognize it as originating in ancient Greece, which makes me wonder why they never sponsored their own initiative

The other half had never heard of such a thing, but think it's a great idea.

I visited the University & Capitol Hill Farmers Markets', but they only wanted to shop.

I met with the
36th district republicans and they politely listened politely and and asked intelligent questions, but they preferred our current state legislature even though they aren't represented in Olympia. I though Seattle Republicans would be my biggest fans.

I spoke briefly to The Green Party of Washington State. I rushed off early to catch my buses to get home (got lost getting to the meeting). When I talked with one their members, he was as in favor of "idiocracy" as the 36th district Republicans.

I visited the  Phinney Ridge farmer's market. Didn't make a dent. Handed out a dozen business cards, that haven't shown up as traffic on my web site. A professional signature gather offered to show how it's done (like the "sell me a pen" scene from "The Wolf of Wall Street"). He was doing great until the moment the voter understood what the salesman was selling, then the voter shook his head and turned away. No amount of salesmanship or explanation will get over the fact that most people like having a professional legislature and professional politicians.

The voters believe that the majority of the voters ARE IDIOTS.

Initiative 1354 may be the only issue that the Republicans and the Green agree on. They see some advantages to it, but they still see it as hiring day laborers as lawyers.

People have this idealized version of elections and open politics that are at odds with their views about their current legislature. They're always complaining about Olympia until offered an alternative and then they switch to singing how wonderful it is without ever acknowledging how lousy it is in practice. It's their way of living with a flawed system.

Two words separate people from supporting this initiative, REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE . People, even those who hate politicians, consider representatives as their lawyers. Voters view randomly selecting legislatures as hiring a lawyer at random from the street corner.

One idea that was popular to voter was to abolish initiatives. I could ask the legislature for an amendment. Bet I could get lots of signatures for that from the people I hassle.

This may be my next initiative ; )

 Q) Is anyone reading your site?

A) When Dan Savage posted my poster on his site, I got a few hits, about three dozen viewers total. Never got any email from Washington state. Never ANY comments on my web site. I tested my web page from an anonymous site and it worked, so it wasn't a software glitch. The handful of people I was reaching weren't interested.

As of April 2015, I've had a spike of activity this site (over 800 and counting) and for my Zazzle store. I can't help shake the feeling that it's all one person pinging my site and hiding their identity. Don't know why. Please leave a note at the bottom of this page.

My initiative is listed on Ballotpedia, an online encylopedia

Q) Were are you going to be next?

I "launched" a research project on Indiegogo that would have funded a citizens legislature of randomly selected Washington State voters who would meet in a hotel in Olympia for a weekend. They would have voted on the issues facing the legislature including passing a state budget. We could have had an active demonstration of sortation on a statewide level. I understand how nobody gave any money for a $500,000 political science research project, but it bugs me that no one even noticed or read my page on Indiegogo

A) It's hard to campaign for an initiative because I work weekends, but ...
If I get ANYONE interested in working on this initiative, I may refile in January.
If I can find a core constituency for I1354, I will reconsider my level of effort.

I am considering the following state initiatives:
i) Selecting a random county executive as governor
ii) Allowing car companies to sell cars directly to consumers (Tesla)
iii) Legalize citywide public utility district based internet service providers. It's now illegal for the cities to provide more than the wiring and move into communication services.

I am considering a Seattle initiative for a citywide fiber to the home system inspired by Seattle City Light that would replace our phone, cable and high speed internet services.

I may also file some petitions on the White House web site but,  in order to get them publicly listed on the White House web site, I need a minimum of 150 signatures ...
I) select a unified congress at random
ii) select the president at random from the state governors by population
iii) select the electoral college at random from American eligible voters
iv) It's also possible to select nominees for the supreme court at random. The secret is that we have many qualified candidates. They're are in the state's supreme courts. 
1) Pick three states at random weighted by population
2) Pick the middle justice from each state supreme court
3) Allow the president to strike one nominee from the list
4) Allow congress to strike one nominee from the list
5) The remaining nominee replaces our most senior justice. Done and done.
6) If the president or congress sits on the decision for more than one week, choose at random. Otherwise, we may never get another new supreme court justice.

Come to think of it, this would be an expedient method of choosing our next president.
We could randomly select three governors at random  (weighted by population). Then the president and congress could each strike one governor leaving on new president.

Our system of picking supreme court justices reminds me of the times Me and my friend used to visit the rental store to select a movie. Every time one of us would pick a movie, the other guy would say "NO". Every time our president picks a judge, senate yells, "NO"


Q) My colleagues and and I have been studying these issues for many years and and would like to discuss it with you. Please write or call so we can talk.

A) I am honored by the learned people who have emailed me over the past couple of days and asked for my opinion and progress on I1354. I have skimmed their papers and they are quite thought provoking. However, one thing stands out, these debates are invisible to most voters and aren't part of the common political discourse. IE most voters know more about quantum physics than sortition. All this talk, talk, talk has led nowhere. No publicity, no buzz, no donations, no legislation, no initiatives, no nothing.

Whoever has been directing people to my site for the past six months has lost interest. This is probably because I've had nothing more to say and they don't link to dead web sites. All I can say is thank you for your time and patience. Please leave a note.

I need  Washington state voters who are willing to support initiative 1354 with more than just a signature on a ballot. I need Washingtonians who will actively campaign. Otherwise, sortition might as well be an interesting theory of statistics or voting theory.

Or, you could show your interest in initiative 1354 by posting a link to my web page on your blog or web site.
You could help to make more it visible to the world.

Or you could show your support or interest by leaving a comment at the end of this page.

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