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FACULTY & STAFF 2009-2010  
217 Walnut Lane, Princeton NJ 08540           
Phone 806-4270 Fax 806-4271 
Principal : Mr Jason Burr
Assistant Principal : Ms. Lynne A. Harkness
Administrative Secretary: Louise Hoffman
Executive Secretary: Vini Difalco
Secretary: Jo Emann, VM 5506
Registrar: Joy Salmons
Grade 6 
House 1                                            Rm          VM
 Jim Sweeney  C101    5825
 Justin Mathews, Social Studies   C103    5821
 Nancy Abascal, Resource Room   C106  5860
 Kristina Fellin, Spanish  C204  5814
 Alicia Perrine, Math  C104  5816
 Marian Melzer, Science    E113  5851
 Don Maier, Resource Room   G104  5870
House 2                                            Rm           VM 
 Pat Clopp, Resource Room  C205  5823
 Connie Escher, Social Studies  C201  5813
 Valerie Newhall, Math  C202  5850
 Mary McNamara, English  C203  5842
 Monica Kenah, French  C206  5832
 Jacques Bazile, Science  E110  5819
Grade 7
House 3
 Richard Powlen, French  E205  5857
 Karen Indyk, Math  E206  5824
 Jennifer Simon, Resource Room  E207  5879
 Steve Carson, Science  E211  5807
 Bob Nelson, English  E213  5849
 Jonathan Hunt, Social Studies  E214  5810
House 4
 Mary McCarthy, Math  E106  5841
 Regena Tardugno, Spanish  D104  5868
 Allison Ramus, Science  E112  5859
 Ellen Vickers, English  E114  5871
 Bob Vivens, Social Studies  E115  5845
 Donna Josbeno, Resource Room  E104  5827
 Sheila Costello, Resource Room  E102  5808
Grade 8 
House 5
 Jean Wernicki, Math  E202  5835
 Alisa Dupuy, French  D101  5811
 John McCann, Social Studies  E203  5840
 Sharrie Barish, English  E204  5803
 Patti Kaplan, Resource Room  E208  5830
 Bill Merritt, Science  E209  5843
 Rita Krulewicz, Resource Room  E107  5825
House 6
 Stephanie Gigliotti, Social Studies  E101  5877
 Susan Kalmbach, Science  E111  5828
 Monica Conroy, English  E103  5865
 Eugenia Porello, Spanish  D103  5856
 Matthew Sullivan, Math  E105  5867
 Robin Muhlstein, Resource Room  E201  5833
Faculty and staff members can be reached by calling the school’s main number at 806-4270.
During school hours the secretary will transfer your call. 
After hours you may leave a message at the voicemail (VM) extension listed.
You may email any staff member by using the following as an example: Joe_Smith@monet.prs.k12.nj.us
Administrative Offices - 25 Valley Rd Princeton, NJ
General Information 806-4200
Superintendent of Schools 806-4220 .
Board of Education 806-4204
Curriculum & Instruction 806-4203
Transportation Director 806-4209
Loop Bus Information (NJ Transit) 1-800-772-2222 . Bus Lost & Found 689-1300
Exploratory Classes                         Room      VM
 Barry Hillman, Drama  G105  5820
 Claudia Luongo, Art  B203
 Paul Skalka, Tech Prep  B103  5862
 Kelly Riely, Computers  B104  5846
Child Study Team                            Room     VM
 Edwina Hawes, Psychologist  G28B  5510
 Catherine Weissman, Psyc. Intern  G28D  5533
 Maureen Mahon, Learning Consult.  G28C  5517
 Jamilla Thompson, Social Worker  G28A  5513
 Jen Noto, Speech  B22  5522
 Janet Felton, Speech  B22  
 Debbie Zak, Occupational Therapist  D105  5405
Music Department                             Room     VM
 Robert Reeve, Band  A102  5836
 Randy White, Choir  A103  5854
 Russell Hoffmann, Orchestra  A101  5822
 Joe Downey, Band  A104  5875
Support Classes                                  Room     VM
 Lindsey Kemp, English EXCELS  D204  5762
 Cynthia Bregenzer, Autism  B102  5848
 Courtney Hoschek, Autism  E109  5838
 Andrea Brachfeld, ESL  G102  5805
 Robbie Winogora, Math Workshop  D205  5874
 Carol McGrath, Wilson Reading  D201  5834
 Lisa McGhee, Reading Workshop  E108  5883
 Lynne Bridge  D13  
 Nina Lavado, ESL  B201  58782

Aides                                                   Room     VM

 John Arace, A.M. Aide  
 Julie Bakoulis, Inclusion Aide    5864
 Nancy Buonomasso, P.M. Aide  
 Sheila Campbell, Inclusion Aide    5806
 Elizabeth Cronin, Inclusion Aide    5876
 Allison Duffy, P.M. Aide  
 Mallory Gazda, P.M. Aide  
 Lakshmi Gupta, Inclusion Aide    5802
 Amy Immordino, P.M. Aide  
 Jennifer Iucolino, A.M. Aide  
 Marquis Johnson, Autism Aide    5826
 Arifa Kahn, A.M. Aide  
 Debra Lorenzetti, Inclusion Aide    5878
 Eileen Pannell, Inclusion Aide    5852
 Joanne Parker, Inclusion Aide    5853
 Deepti Rana, A.M. Aide    
 Gloria Rivera, Autism Aide    5809
 Ajanta Shah, A.M. Aide    
 Fran Sherry, A.M. Aide    
 Carol Springer-Smith, Inclusion Aide    3787
 Ashante Thompson, Inclusion Aide    5869
 Jessie Webb, Inclusion Aide    5873

Library                                            Room        VM

 Stephen Dunbar   Library  5541

Nurse                                                   Room     VM

 Kathleen Bihuniak    5530
Physical Education / Health                Room     VM
 Brian Dzbenski, PE  Gym  5812
 JoAnn Pica, PE  Gym  5855
 Sue Welsh, Pool / PE    806-4310
 Amy Wargo, Health  G103  5872
Guidance - 806-4272                             Room     VM
 Evelyn Counts  C105  5512
 Adam Rothschild  D26  5525
 Cathy DiLorenzo  D14  5511
Cafeteria Aides                                    
 Mary Bartolino
 Joi Morton
Building Monitors                                 Room     VM
 Bill Fitch  E11  5815
Friday, June 15th - 1pm dismissal
Monday, June 18th - 1pm dismissal; last day of school.


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