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After receiving my New York State Teaching certifications in 2010, and my Masters in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology from SUNY Albany in 2014, I have benefited from a varied and broad number of teaching and learning experiences. These experiences have served to affirm my goal of becoming an educator. I am more confident in my abilities in and outside of the classroom, and more excited about my future prospects. In addition to teaching, I am technologically savvy; well-versed in supporting and training colleagues in all manner of technology, from the Student Information Systems to Smartboards, from web-based instructional software to network support and maintenance.

Currently, I am employed full time at The Harley School as the K-6 Technology Teacher and my goal is to continue to learn and grow as an educator, providing learning opportunities for my students, effective collaboration with parents and other professionals, and to provide for the needs of each student.