About Me

A Journey of Discovery
Born and raised in the Rochester, NY area, I have a strong connection and attachment to this region. I'm fascinated by its rich history of innovation and diversity. My parents grew up and went to college here as well; both becoming teachers for a time, so teaching is a family tradition.

As a kid, I moved around and went to several schools in the area, providing me with diverse experiences in rural, urban and Jeanne with pumpkinsuburban settings. Always intrigued by culture and language, I sought out friendships with students whose families were different from mine. At #15 school, I had classmates who were visiting or immigrated from China, Laos, Puerto Rico and even Iceland.

As an adult, my continual desire to learn and experience new things provided me with many opportunities to try different jobs. Ultimately, the positions I have excelled at, and loved the most were the jobs that required me to guide or teach others. That is what eventually led me to pursue a career in education and a dual degree in Childhood and Special Education.

One of my greatest fascinations is technology. ANY kind of technology, but especially computers. Whether it's rebuilding a PC, un-jamming a copier or helping a family member figure out how to use their software program,
I am there.

Outside of work, you can find me biking on the Canal Path, checking out local museums or catching a performance or open mic around town. I am also involved in many musical endeavors with my husband, including music ministry at church.