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Forms & Resources

This is the place to access forms specific to JWCL, as well as forms utilized within the entire GFWC structure. Also available here are documents that Club members can use to publicize JWCL and events within the community.

JWCL 2017/2018 Tax Receipt for donations received in 2017 and 2018.
Motion Form - the Motion Form is used to present motions to be voted on during Club meetings. Please print a form and bring it with you if you have a motion to present.
PPS Sheet - the Project/Program Summary (PPS) Sheet is used to provide detailed information about Club activities. PPS sheets are used during annual reporting. Following the completion of a project or program a PPS sheet should be completed and submitted to the 1st Vice President.
JWCL Expense Voucher - the Expense Voucher is used by Club members to request reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of Club. Approval is required for reimbursement and the form is submitted to the JWCL Treasurer.
JWCL Check Request - the Check Request is used to request a check from the Treasurer to provide payment for goods, services or contributions.

JWCL members can pay dues through the PayPal Link below

GFWC Member Forms - forms available through GFWC include membership information updates, LEADS nomination forms, and annual reporting forms.
GFWC Virginia Forms - forms available through GFWC-VA include reporting forms and award forms
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