"The corruption of
the organization
of Jehovah's witness"
is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  
Therefore Elijah is sent and preaches: "Repent!".
And Jesus Christ will come after him. 
Jesus will judge Jehovah's people and Satan's system.
What should we do?


My name on the net is yangmask. I am a ex Jehovah's Witnesses living in Japan.
These are difficult for the people who don't understand Bible's fundamental doctrine which Jehovah's witnesses are teaching. I can read simple English and Japanese.
Questions and comments: yangmask_yangmask@yahoo.co.jp
The original is written in Japanese. English translation is imperfect because I cannot speak English. The original (Japanese): https://sites.google.com/site/jwbibleprophesy/

To beginner:
First, please read article 0 → 5 → 6.
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Contents introduction 
First read:
By articles 1-4, I explain about the judgment to Satan's world.
"Sign of man" is a huge meteorite. I solve from the story of Jericho fall.
The present king of the north is China. I solve from Jacob's dying prophesy.
"The disgusting thing that causes desolation standing in a holy place" is persecution by woman President. Jehovah's people should escape from America. Modern Exodus.
The first bowl of "the seven bowls of the anger of God" was terrorism attack in N.Y.
By articles 5-8, I explain about the judgment to earthly organization of Jehovah.
Earthly organization of Jehovah will be judged soon. But Elijah is sent before that.
How can we distinguish the inspection by invisible Jesus? Esau class is rejected, and Jacob class inherits a blessing. 
First please read artcles 1-6. 
First please read artcles 1-6. 
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