Judy Williamson Batson

Why this eportfolio?

Having worked as an English teacher with paper portfolios and as a technology teacher with webfolios, I now work as an advocate for electronic portfolios, but I lacked one of my own.  At the AAEEBL ePortfolio World Summit 2011, I went to a session by a group called Out of Practice led by Wende Garrison who presented along with several other leaders in the eportfolio community.  These leaders asserted that if one is going to talk the talk about eportfolios, which I was doing, one needed also to walk the walk and create an eportfolio.  I was convinced.  I was so convinced that I started this eportfolio.  The Out of Practice group was open to new members.  I joined.

Admitting that I'd never reach sweet perfection with this eportfolio, I made it public in order to get feedback from the group while it was in process.  I didn't know how long I'd have to wait to get it to a point where I was happy with it, but I thought that might extend too far into the future, so here it is.  It is evolving.  It is not finished and likely will remain a work in progress. 

Members of the Out of Practice group keep eportfolios for a different reasons.  Some eportfolios serve the promotion and tenure process and are strictly professional eportfolios.  Some are more creative and serve as presentation eportfolios for work to be displayed and shared.  This one is a life-long/life-wide eportfolio.  I am not using it to seek employment.  I am using it as a way to survey my own life-long and life-wide learning.  It's a reflection eportfolio about my careers, life and interests.

Proud member of the Out of Practice eportfolio group.

Judy Williamson Batson on the Bosphorous
On the Bosphorous in Turkey, 2002.

Making friends with a Mama-Roo and her Joey at the Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia, 2009

Enjoying the view of London from the Eye with Trent, 2010