Reviewed &  visited over 150 NYC public schools  

   Co-author of NYC's Best Public School Guides 

   Commisioner on School Governance

  • Workshops on: School Choice  for parent groups, schools and organizations
  • Consultant work: one-on-one training with parents and/or child to prepare for school interviews

For more information please email: jwayans@gmail.com

Subject line: School Choice

phone: 347.414.0452 

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  Cited as an "Ace Reporter" by New York Times 

 Once in a demographic that was not supposed to succeed, Jacquie Wayans had been through enough hard knocks, bad choices and wasted time to just throw in the towel.  However, as a 40 year old - single mother of three children;  she used the tools of tenacity and faith to move forward. 

"I have been working as a public school advocate in some form or the other for most of my life. First, I navigated my way through the pitfalls of the NYC educational system as a student, then later for my own children, and now for the city’s kids through my freelance reporting for www.Insideschools.org   and consultant work.

It was through a chance meeting that Jacquie was be-friended by Clara Hemphill, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the New York City Best Public School Guides.  "I didn’t know that my encounter with her would open up opportunities for my abilities to be used in ways never imagined.  Working at Advocates for Children of New York (a non-profit organization), has been one of my life's greatest blessings for which I give thanks everyday.  It is here that all of my experiences culminate and allow me to help others."  Insideschools.org, a grassroots organization and on-line parent's guide to all New York City's Public Schools.  "My roles consisted of: school reporter, assignment editor and most recently – marketing & communications manager.  My love, however, is sharing knowledge directly with the parents through spoken or written word.  I give parent workshops to thirsty parents who want to know how to make wiser choices towards their children's education."  Over the years, jacquie has proven she is able to shed light on an educational system that changes from one year to the next and when it applies, prompt parents towards citizen action for change. "The moms that I once stood on the WIC lines with and that lugged strollers up the stairs with are the people that I am now able to help." 

She has had multiple speaking engagements over the years on Bronx Talk and Brian Lehrer’s television and radio program, as well as, book readings at Barnes and Noble to promote the books she Co-Authored on The Best New YorK City Public School Guides . She also is very accustomed to speaking with the press, whether it be reporters from The Columbia Spectator orThe New York Times.  She is currently serving on the  Commission on School Governance.




  "With my May 2008 graduation from Columbia University now on the horizon, I can say, Despite the odds, I made it through and if I can do it – anyone else can!”  


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Columbia Commercial

 "Jacquie is a dogged researcher and a passionate advocate for all children."

Clara Hemphill

Founding Editor, Insideschools.org and author New York City's Best Public Elementary Schools.


"Jacquie Wayans is woman of strong character, bountiful energy and rare eloquence. I feel better about the future of New York City knowing that she is out there on the case for public education."
Robert W. Snyder
, Associate Professor, Rutgers-Newark


"Jacquie Wayans is brilliant ...an educator, an artist ...a woman with spirit and soul. She is an advocate for children and families - with a deep commitment to her work. The lady is on her game."

Monika Fisher, the School of Theatre Arts & Production Co.

 "Jacquie is extremely knowledgeable about NYC public schools and a staunch
advocate for parents who want to have a voice in the school system."
Kim Sweet, Director of
Advocates for Children of New York 


"Jacquie's dedication to the learning curve for adults and children is palpable. Keep it moving, girlita!''

Deborah Gregory

Author, The Cheetah Girls and CATWALK