Address:  2113 Siebel Center 201 N. Goodwin, Urbana, IL 61801
Email:  jwang112 AT illinois DOT edu

About Me

Before joining UIUC,  I received my Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Economics (September 2007 - June 2011) in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. 

Research Interest

Data Mining, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval.

Thesis: Integrating Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Source Knowledge for Social Media Data Mining

  • Xiaolong Wang, Jingjing Wang, Jie Luo, Chengxiang Zhai, Yi Chang. Blind Men and The Elephant Thurstonian Pairwise Preference for Ranking in Crowdsourcing, in Proc. of 2016 IEEE Int. Conf. on Data Mining (ICDM'16)Barcelona, Spain, December 2016
  • Jun Li, Jingjing Wang, Junfei Zhang, Qiming Qin, Tanvi Jindal, Jiawei Han, "A probabilistic approach to detect mixed periodic patterns from moving object data", Geoinformatica, 2016
  • Rostyslav Korolov, Di Lu, Jingjing Wang, Guangyu Zhou, Claire Bonial, Clare Voss, Lance Kaplan, William Wallace, Jiawei Han and Heng Ji, "On Predicting Social Unrest Using Social Media", in Proc. of 2016 IEEE/ACM Int. Conf. on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining  (ASONAM'16), San Francisco, CA, Aug. 2016
  • Jingjing Wang, Changsung Kang, Yi Chang and Jiawei Han, "Learning Hostname Preference to Enhance Search Relevance", in Proc. of 2016 Int. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'16), New York City, NY, July 2016
  • Xiuli Ma, Guangyu Zhou, Jingjing Wang, Jian Peng, and Jiawei Han, "Complexes Detection in Biological Networks via Diversified Dense Subgraphs Mining", in Proc. of 2016 Int. Conf. on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB'16), Los Angeles, CA, Apr. 2016
  • Zhenhui Li, Jingjing Wang, and Jiawei Han, "ePeriodicity: Mining Event Periodicity from Incomplete Observations", IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 27(5): 1219-1232 (2015)
  • Bhaskar Prabhala, Jingjing Wang, Budhaditya Deb, Tom La Porta, Jiawei Han, "Leveraging periodicity in human mobility for next place prediction", IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC'14), Istanbul, Turkey, Apr. 2014.
  • Mudhakar Srivatsa, Raghu Ganti, and Jingjing Wang, "Map Matching: Facts and Myths" (poster), 21st ACM SIGSPATIAL Int. Conf. on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2013), Orlando, Florida, USA, Nov. 2013.
  • Jingjing Wang and Bhaskar Prabhala, "Periodicity Based Next Place Prediction", Proc. of Workshop on Mobile Data Challenge by Nokia (in conjunction with Pervasive 2012), Newcastle, UK, June 2012.


Python, C, C++, Shell scripts, Spark, Hive, Hadoop, PIG, UNIX/Linux environment, Matlab and LATEX.

Working Experience

 Nov, 2015 - May, 2016
 Software Engineer Intern. Jump Trading LLC. Chicago, IL
 Jun - Aug, 2015
 Software Engineer Intern. Ads Ranking Team. Facebook. Menlo Park, CA
 Jun - Aug, 2013,2014
 Research Intern. Yahoo! Labs. Sunnyvale, CA
 Jun - Aug, 2012
 Research Intern. IBM T.J. Watson  Research Center. Hawthorne, NY
 Jul  - Oct,  2010
 Software Engineer Intern. Front End Group, HULU. Beijing, China

Honors and Awards

Scholarship of Academic Excellence for all academic years, Tsinghua University, 2008-2011

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