MSGLock Review Feature and Benefit

Typical eCom formula: Pay for ads to offers >> hope to make sales >> Slap an optin form on your store >> hope to get some leads, Rinse & repeat. Sometimes, it works. Usually takes a BIG ad budget though. And face it, most stores convert at about 2-3% for 1st time visitors. What happens to the other 97-98%?

MSGLock Exactly. That’s why the biggest eCom earners in the game focus MORE on generating leads than making upfront sales because they KNOW qualified leads translate into profits.

Want to make money like the BIG eCom sellers do? Lead generation DONE RIGHT, perfect for eCom. Qualified leads onto your email and FB messenger lists, 24/7. Make more while spending LESS on ads? Double win. Sign Off, P.S. check out the proof on the page, then act fast to secure your copy while it’s still available for a ONE-TIME payment.

Email’s been the king of conversions for years, and that’s not changing anytime soon. What HAS changed is how tough it is to get people to optin to a standard squeeze page … and getting them to give you a legit email address. The problem isn’t your lead magnet. It’s your landing page - because you don’t NEED one anymore.

>> Here’s the NEW way to get PROFITABLE subscribers!

This breakthrough tech works by turning your most engaged audience into subscribers from INSIDE your content.

Share a video, blog post, article or PDF … then ONCE people start consuming it, they’re prompted to sign up to see the rest.

MSGLock the result is a much higher optin percentage and much more TARGETED subscribers - people PROVEN to be interested in your content.

You’re no longer marketing to people chasing freebies …
You’re marketing to people ACTIVELY engaged with what you’re sharing. Profits per subscriber go WAY up … beta testers have been getting incredible results across multiple niches. You’ll save time & money on creating landing pages. And pack your lists full of subscribers that actually take action. or even more list building diversity, you can even use this software to generate FB messenger leads as well … for the ultimate in delivery.

There’s a lot more inside, so hurry and take a close look here.

MSGLock review:

  • Turn ANY content at your fingertips into an automated list building machine that drives leads to your account 24/7
  • Cutting edge all-in-one software leverages ANY content for maximum lead generation
  • 100% Compliant with Messenger, Email & GDPR
  • Integrates seamlessly with all major autoresponders and 3rd-party Messenger bots
  • No manual exports/imports or coding knowledge required
  • Collect both Email AND Messenger leads for the best combination of delivery and conversions

MSGLock Review Testimonial

Abhi Dwivedi
CEO | Vega6 Webwares
It's no wonder a product like MSGLock is being released. I've seen the ups and the downs of the current lead generation platforms that exist and I have to admit that MSGLock is a breath of fresh air. MSGLock does an amazing job of generating engaged leads that actually want to hear from you - on two different platforms. A must-have tool for marketers!

Wilco de Kreij
This looks cool! Haven't seen any intuitive tools that fix this problem yet, so kudos (and thanks!!) for taking this to the market!

Adam Payne
I love the simplicity and effectiveness of MSGLock Review. It is simple to use yet super effective. If you are serious about building an email list, FB messenger list or both, then pick the sup and put it to work. Not only that, Brad and his team are super responsive and helpful which is rare these days.

Joe di Siena
I do so much lead generation already for various businesses, adding this is basically going to double my conversions (doubling my reach). Why didn’t I think of this before? Two thumbs up from me. Read MSGLock review here: