Mobiflux Review With Bonuses

Mobiflux Review - Do you know that you could be wasting 85% of your traffic right now? I am talking about 
your mobile traffic. You see 85% of your site’s traffic is on the mobile, but if you’re a typical marketer, then 
your site is woefully under optimized to monetize this traffic. Visit official review:

All the CTAs you have on your site, like Pop ups, pop unders, Exit intent, etc., don’t 
work on mobile at all. Luckly, you can fix it with Mobiflux.

This powerful Wordpress plugin will do two things. 

1) Help you properly monetize and drive all your mobile traffic to the places you want.

2) Multiply your mobile traffic by forcing your visitors (no matter how many) to get even 
more visitors for you.

WP Mobiflux’s twin-action system gives you the ultimate in traffic and lead generation 
no matter what you are marketing online. 

1. Mobiflux Mobile Traffic Capture - It Make your mobile traffic take action by showing 
mobile style banner ads and call to actions only to them.

2. Mobiflux Mobile Traffic Multiplier - This is a new form of content driving mechanism 
that also gets you the email addresses of your visitors. Multiply your visitors up to 3x + 
also get leads. Who can beat that?

You can use them independently or together. It’s totally up to you.

Okay, getting to the last word.

You know Google has been saying that since years -- Target mobile traffic. So are all 
the other smart companies. Most of them have apps already and they are taking away 
all the traffic and the business.

Don’t lose to everyone else. Tap your traffic the right way.

Check out Mobiflux right now while it’s still on the special one-time price sale. Don’t wait. Just grab it at the early bird launch price. To make this deal even sweeter, here is a discount coupon ‘mobifluxoff’, that gives you $4 off on the listed price.

Why we should use Mobiflux?

Widgets, like exit-intent, pop-ups, etc. are not designed for Mobile phones, and mobile phone users don’t expect to see them. Actually, they are quite counter-intuitive for mobile users and only irritate your visitors, making them close your site.

win-Prongs : Capture & Multiply

Get all your mobile visitors to notice your offers and take action on them.
Get your visitors to send you traffic by rewarding them for the traffic they bring.
Get your visitors to come back again by sending them email notifications when their rewards are unlocked.
Get more traffic, more conversions, more leads, all in one place.
Get on the growth spiral where every visitor you get can add on more people.

Mobiflux Review - Pushes You Forward Even If Your Scale Is Small

A lof Internet marketing solutions and products require a sizeable ready audience before they will start working for you. Others need you to invest in ads or traffic, but not WP Mobiflux.

Mobiflux starts where you are, and works on your present audience to grow it further using the modern versions of the most time-trusted, valued and proven working strategies in the Internet Marketing world. Complete review: