Leads Profiter Review

Leads Profiter helps user to capture leads in the fastest way possible leveraging the most popular social media platform FaceBook, instead of Traditional Opt-in Forms/ Landing Pages. Most importantly, it also allow users to nurture the newly acquired leads by sending emails and follow-ups series automatically from our inbuilt Auto-responder. 

Newbies Struggle Mostly With Engaging their leads & converting them into paying subscribers. Hence Our High Converting Swipes are Pre-Loaded into the Platform so that users can jumpstart their email marketing journey and monthly swipes will be made available for Top Converting Affiliate Products. All our users have to do is simply to open up any of the swipes in the inbuilt editor and Replace the aff links to theirs in order to earn commissions online. Leads Profiter Review: https://sandegireview.com/software-review/leads-profiter-review/

Leads Profiter also provide users an insights of every captured leads including their sources which can help users to filter only high-quality leads and from country they want.

Optionally users can connect to top 10 Autoresponders + 1000’s of app via Zapier saving tons of time and effort required to generate profit with the App.

Ask any marketer, and he’d take such odds any day of the week happily and twice on Sunday. But to get such rates for your campaign…is not easy.

You have to have a POWERFUL Subject Line. Then your offer has to be good. And most importantly…your mail has to be spot on…striking the right chord for your audience.

That’s easier said than done. You need to be an expert copywriter (or hire one if you got that kind of money to spare) to be able to write Emails That Convert.

In my journey over the next 3 years, I did everything I could from reading books after books…not just on Marketing, rather also on Advertising, Human Psychology and anything that influences consumer behaviour….

…to attending countless training sessions by some top-class and some ‘not-so-good’ copywriters….[Insert an image showing a few training sessions]

…all the way to writing emails after emails and sending them out to my not so great list…only to end up losing those leads when they ‘Unsubscribed’. [Insert image showing the ‘Unsubscribe’ button]

…heck, I even binge-watched Madmen on Netflix coz someone told me it could teach me a thing or two about advertising (and of course, who doesn’t want to be like Don Draper?)

To Generate Leads...

Search Engine

Pay Per Click


Online Marketing

White Papers
or e-Books



Answering questions
on Quora

Posting ‘Funny’ Memes
on Social Media

I did manage to get a few leads. Goes without saying…most were Fake/Secondary email addresses. But then I hit the next BIG roadblock. 
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