ClickKosh 2.0 Review

In eCommerce business, one’s sole motive is to bring in as many sales as possible. It can be new customers or the repeat ones, but the sales should come in.  Clickkosh is a unique app that makes the job of bringing in sales much more easier With Clickkosh you can add your complete library of products in just one single image.

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In just one single image, you can add Redirects to all of your products. 

Clickkosh does it through its unique multiple CLICKABLE hotspots technology.  You can add multiple hotspots in a single image which can redirect all your visitors to the products of their choice from inside a single image. You can even have 100+ hotspots in a single image.  There is nothing better in e-commerce in the market right now.  Grab it before every eCom Marketer grabs this unique tech before you and starts converting better & higher. 

Do You remember how the old form of marketing used to work? You have a page drive traffic to it …...You will have a good nice image there to compliment your page.  But, you know what - that one Single Image is much more Powerful than you could possibly think of..

Well these don’t have to be just images, but rather Interactive Images. They are not doing anything special. In fact everything is same, except one - that's the image they are using.  Clickkosh is a revolutionary brand new unique Interactive Image hotspots technology. 

It gives you a New Opportunity to convert Visitors from Images Itself.  You can have multiple CLICKABLE touchpoints inside a single image which can redirect the users to any product of their choice. So let's say you have 10 products to showcase, you can have all 10 in a single image and insert redirects to all 10 of them. 

Imagine 1 single redirect versus 10. Clickkosh allows you unlimited. You can have 100s of them in one image. No doubts it is bound to convert much much higher.. ClickKosh is on a Special Discount currently, go check it out Here Now. This is the best time to get on board and start converting upto 330% extra with your every page. 

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