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Earn a commission on the sale of each eBook.

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I am giving guidance in this website on the procedures to register at JVZoo. So continue reading for the guidance.

Pari's eBooks are also sold through JVZoo so that affiliates can promote the books. Actually, promoting these eBooks is also service because the books were meant to put God on the world stage (for world transformation). So you earn a spiritual income and a monetary income. The following are eBooks which are being sold through JVZoo; you would be able to earn a commission for the sale of each eBook.

1. Holographic Universe: An Introduction:

For more information on this book, go to "How to Think".

Pari will be selling more eBook through JVZoo, with time. This gives you an opportunity to earn more: financially and spiritually (through the Law of Karma).

JVZoo is an affiliate marketing platform. Sellers list, promote and sell their products at JVZoo. Affiliate marketers can easily find products, at JVZoo, to promote/sell.

Pari's eBooks are referred to as ‘products’ at JVZoo. You can sell Pari’s eBooks/products as a JVZoo affiliate and get a commission on the sale of each eBook/product. Click on and you will be brought to the web page where you can register to become an affiliate at JVZoo.

When someone goes to the eBook sales page via your affiliate link, their information is collected and stored by JVZoo and they will be seen as your referral. This makes sure that even if they buy the product at a later date, you still get your commission when they buy the eBook. If your referrals buy any of Pari’s other books, you will also get the commission for those other books that your referrals buy, whether the book is already published or not at the time when they first clicked on your affiliate link. This means that when Pari sells future books etc. through JVZoo and your referrals buy these at a future date, you will get a commission for the sale of those books too, even if your referrals bought it at a future date. For as long as you live, you will get the commission of all the products that they buy from Pari, through JVZoo.

According to the reply (dated 4th March, 2017) from JVZoo's Customer Support, "If your affiliate refers a customer to you with his affiliate link, he will get credit for that sale and any other sale in that funnel. Anytime that customer comes back, that affiliate will get credit for the sale should the customer purchase again".However, after having said this, they had also said that "if for any reason, the customer has to clear their browser, or they click on another affiliates link at any point", then the "original affiliate no longer receives credit"; it is the latter who receives the credit and gets paid the commission.

​You will not have to pay anything to become a JVZoo affiliate, i.e there are no upfront fees. According to the reply (dated 6th March, 2017) from JVZoo's Customer Support,"Only the original seller of the product pays the fees. Affiliate's are not responsible for fees."

The above reply indicates that it is Pari (as the seller/vendor), who pays:

1. the commission to JVZoo, and

2. the payment made to Paypal for each transaction.

​If I am not mistaken, JVZoo take 5% from the sale of the book and Paypal takes 2.99% + US0.30 from the sale of each book unless the purchaser requests for a refund (in which case JVZoo and PayPal get nothing also). Based on the reply (dated 6th March, 2017) from JVZoo's Customer Support, Pari (as the seller/vendor) will be paying all these.

Please note that you will have to register for a Paypal account because JVZoo carries out all payments through Paypal.

When you start promoting an eBook/product, you will be notified of every click, sale, etc. that are done through your affiliate links. You can see your stats on the following page:

JVZoo affiliate marketer are paid through PayPal for the sales which are made via their affiliate links. How often you receive payments is determined by how many sales you make. If there are many sales, they will see the following in their email box regularly:

You will have to register at JVZoo in order to sell Pari's books as an affliliate. Thus, you will have to complete all the following steps to make sure that you can get the commission on the sale of each book; so click on each of the following links:

1. How to register at JVZoo.

​2. How to fill in the Payment Profile form.

3. How to register for a PayPal account.

4. How to fill in the form at the Mailing Address page and get "Your JVZoo Referral URL".

5. Your JVZoo Referral URL.

6. How to get affiliate links (to promote/sell the eBooks).

7. How to get your affiliate links through "Your Approved Products" and "Find Digital Products to Promote" pages at the JVZoo website.

8. How to contact JVZoo's Customer Support. If there is anything which you do not understand, you can contact JVZoo's Customer Support.

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