JVY swimming News

  • Practices for the 2018-19 season begin Monday, October 22. Practices run from 5:30-6:30 Monday through Thursday and will be facilitated by Coach A J.
  • See calendar below for the most up to date practice and meet times and dates
    • Beginning in mid November, MCHS rents the pool every weekday afternoon from 3:45-5:15. We ask that everyone refrain from entering the pool area while MCHS is renting the pool. Swimmers MAY utilize the rest of the facility and the locker rooms at this time!

  • We are using remind for texts and emails regarding meet times and schedule changes. This is a blind communication system. I do not have your phone number or email within this system, so you can have swimmers sign up with confidence that no one will have their phone number or email. This can put older swimmers more in control of keeping up to date! Use the following link for more information: www.remind.com. To sign up, text @jvy to 81010 or to (724) 471-5039; you can see the link to the remind flier below.
  • No practices when MCHS has no school or an early dismissal. I will have workouts available for anyone who wants to workout over holiday breaks!


    Please remember that the Coaches attending invitationals are donating their services, as these are extra opportunities for swimmers to compete. Please be respectful and attentive of you swimmer. Coaches are not there to babysit!

    Swimmers and parents MUST follow ALL meet procedures and show the Coach at the meet their full respect. Failure to do so will result in the team not offering these additional swimming opportunities!

    Upcoming Invitationals:


            Note - Please make all Invitational entry fee payments payable to Ann Bonson - She will write one check to the meet host -  and submit to Coach Ann with entries.


    • Butterbraids! - This has been an AWESOME fundraiser for us - we need a coordinator for this sale for this season!

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    JVY Swim Team

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    Coaching Staff

    Ann Bonson 
    Juniata Valley YMCA Swim Coach
    (717) 363-7317

    A J Shepherd
    JVY Swim Coach

    Frank Rodenbaugh
    JVY Swim Team Assistant

    Wendy Stuck
    JVY Swim Team Assistant