Report To Printer (English)

Here is a Java Bean that automatically sends a report to the printer that the user is defined as default.

It cannot run with the JInitiator and needs the Sun Java plug-in.

The implementation class of the Bean Item


The methods you can call

  • Set the URL of the report
            FBEAN.INVOKE ( 'BL.BEAN', 1, 'setURL',:BL.URL);
  • Print the report
            ok := FBEAN.INVOKE_BOOL ('BL.BEAN',1,'generarReport',''); 

The sample dialog

    . Unzip the file
    . Copy the ReportToPrinter.jar file in your /forms/java/ folder
    . Add it to the archive tags of the /forms/server/formsweb.cfg file
    . Open the ReportToPrinter.fmb module (Oracle Forms 10.1.2)
    . Compile all and run the module

The JAR file must be signed

The JAR file provided with the ZIP file are already signed