Select a X-Window

When started, pickXwin makes a list of the current X windows and turns the list into a popup menu. PickXwin can be started by a hot key, a launcher icon, or whatever. I start pickXwin from an icon in fbpanel. PickXwin, apart from  gtk and libwnck, is a standalone program. PickXwin does not require Gnome.

In Gnome-3, the "Window Selector Applet" is missing from the top panel. PickXwin was written as a quick-and-dirty replacement. Libwnck (Window Navigator Construction Kit) is required to run pickXwin. Because libwnck is compatable with most modern window managers, pickXwin should also be compatable with most modern window managers. If pickXwin does not work, make sure that you have libwnck installed and then use the Makefile to recompile (perhaps you need a 64-bit version, or a GTK-3 version).

This page last updated May 24, 2011.


John Vorthman,
May 24, 2011, 12:40 PM