Just keep running!

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Sunday, December 2

The race is getting really close now! I'm up to 11 mile runs, wow! I'm on my second pair of shoes and definitely getting a bit addicted to running. It was humid and drizzly yesterday morning, but we ran through beautiful Lake Austin neighborhoods that made it much more enjoyable. I'm a bit sore today though, not too bad, but a bit. I gift wrapped at the new Barnes & Noble today to get some funds, but things were a bit slow. I'm planning a Chili Cookoff Fundraiser for some of my friends, really hoping people will come and donate...and have a wonderful time! Can't believe the race is in 6 weeks, I'm feeling ready though! 

Friday, November, 23

Since my sister had to work on Thanksgiving, my mom and i ran the 8 mile Dallas Turkey Trot. It was a really chilly morning, but turned out to be beautiful running weather once we warmed up. We ran through downtown and into Oak Cliff...with 30,000 other people. I'm really glad I got some race experience before the actual marathon. It was also really good to run with my mom for only the third time since we started training back in August.

Saturday, October 20

Today was a 7.2 mile run. It was actually chilly outside *gasp*, I loved it! I felt really good the whole run and could've kept going. We ran through some absolutely beautiful neighborhoods on Lake Austin - beautiful hills (hard hills!), awesome landscape and scenery, and really cool homes. Although my knee did start to hurt towards the end of the run, if it does it next week I'm going to look into knee bands...apparently a lot of people get runner's knee as their mileage starts to increase. My mom ran 9 miles today! I'm proud of her! Their team started after ours, but their schedule is a few miles ahead of us, she's doing awesome!

Sunday, October 14

Yesterday was one of the better days I've had in about 2 weeks. It was an absolutely beautiful morning, one might actually describe as slightly chilly. We were running on trails out at Brushy Creek Lake in Cedar Park, absolutely gorgeous! We got to see the sun come up over the lake as we ran. The halfers were only suppose to run 5 miles, but I was feeling really good so I decided to run 6 miles - and I did it without ever having to stop and walk! That's a new record! My previous longest distance without having to take walk breaks was 4 miles. The past 2 long runs haven't been very good for me, so it was very encouraging to have a great run yesterday!  I'm still really wanting to do the full marathon, but my mom is unsure. We'll have to make a decision pretty soon though...keep ya posted.

Sunday, September 30

Yesterday was an off day for me, I just couldn't get into my run. I completed the 5 miles but I did not feel very good about it; I purposely didn't check my time. I know off days are just part of the training process, everybody has them, but they are nonetheless discouraging. I had a really good Quality Workout Wednesday morning at the track, running straights and curves, and my cross-training cycle day went really well on Thursday. I guess since my week's training had gone well I was really hoping for a good run Saturday morning. Maybe I pushed myself too hard during the week and was burned out by Saturday? I haven't been getting much sleep this week either, so I'm sure that factored into it. Either way, it was the first off day I've had all season, it was a bit discouraging, but I'm hoping this week will go better. 

Saturday, September 22

This morning I was set out to run my first 5 miler, this was a mental hurdle for me. The thought of running for close to an hour was a bit daunting. Well, due to some poor map reading, I missed a turn early on and ended up running with the full marathon trainers instead of the halfers. This means that instead of 5 miles, I ran 7.25 miles this morning! Not only did I run more than I'd ever run in my life, but I did it in 1 hr. 25 min., I feel great! This means I've actually crossed the halfway mark if I stick with the half-marathon training. My mom and I are talking about doing the full marathon, but we'll decide that in another month or so.  

Wednesday, September 19

When I started this a month ago I had gotten very out of the habit of running. I could hardly run 2 miles without needing to stop and walk. However, this Saturday I will be running 5 miles and I feel great about it! I've been able to maintain my 12 minute mile average pace for my long runs, and cut my shorter runs down to about a 10 minute mile! It's amazing how quickly I have improved.