JVCycles - 79 GL1000 Restoration - SOLD

1979 GL1000 (Naked Goldwing)

I picked up this 79 GL1000 from a guy who just was tired of working on it.  He said it needed a water pump, but after bringing it to the shop and doing a little diagnostics, I determined the oil pump was the real cause of the problem.  The oil pump on the GL1000s is driven by the clutch basket.  Typically if the oil pump isn’t turning it means you’ve lost the drive chain that connects the oil pump to the clutch.  The good news is the part is cheap.  The bad news is you have to remove the engine from the frame to replace the chain!  It’s really not that bad, it just takes time. 
Once the engine was removed I could remove the rear engine cover.  At least now I know what the problem is…  It looks like the clutch fried and took out the oil pump chain at the same time.  You always look for something good to keep you motivated.  The good news is that when the chain broke the oil pump stops circulating oil through the engine.  The reason that is good is you do not want the clutch particle getting into bearings and other places.  I think once I wash out the engine to remove all the clutch crap it should be good to go.

To remove the engine the carbs have to come off.  So...it's a good idea to rebuild the carbs.  I use Randakks rebuild kit as I believe it is the most complete and best quality on the market.  Since I don't rebuild these carbs every day I use thenRandakk video to guide me through the process.  The intake manifolds and the carb tops polished up very nice.

I got the engine back in the Wing today.  It has a used clutch, oil pump and oil pump chain from a donor GL1000, and a new water pump from Honda.   With the rebuilt carbs she started up and purred like a cat!

The brakes needed pads and both master cylinders needed rebuilding.  The tires will be Bridgestone Battlax BT45 tires recommended by Randakk.  I picked up a Corbin Gunfighter seat and installed a Viper sport fairing.  I think the old girl looks damn good for being over 30 years old!  

Here's a picture of the almost final project.  I decided this bike should look more like the CB450 Bomber.  So paint and emblems were changed.  

   SOLD 11-2012