CB750K6 Cafe Project

Today I started the newest project…The CB750 Café Racer.  Not yet sure what the end result will be, but it will definitely be fast!.  The donor is a 1976 CB750K6.  The frame was pinched on one of the down tubes by one of the prior owners, so she came with another frame from a 1977 CB750K7. 

Today is tear down day.  I snapped a couple of shots before I started.  I want to separate the parts into parts to be cleaned, parts to be replaced, parts to be powder coated and parts to be left off the bike.  I'm thinking silver frame or bare metal with clear powder coating.  The rims will have to be red as with any cool cafe racer.  The goal of this project is to spend minimal money and end up with a cool ride!


I started the engine disassemble this week and found out the engine looks A LOT better on the outside than it does on the inside.  The case screws all came off with the assistance of my impact screw driver.  I'll be using stainless steel allen head bolts when it goes back together.  I think they make the engine look more detailed.  It will be a while until I'll be using the new bolts.  I'm not sure I've seen an engine this dirty inside before.  There's a dark brown sludge but then under the sludge is a thicker light gray goop.

I have a frozen cylinder that looks like H2O got in and rusted the rings to the cylinder walls.  I'm soaking it right now with PB.  If that doesn't work I'll try acetone and ATF.    

I managed to free the piston without and visible damage.  However, I found a large crack in the upper engine case near the counter shaft sprocket.  

After a couple of months have past and I decided to have the engine block welded.  After a lot of cleaning and some nice thick welding, the case looks as good.

Today I've disassembled the engine, removed all the engine paint and painted it dark grey.

It's getting there!  Come on back now ya hear?