75 Red Naked Wing

1975 “Red” GL1000

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my web site as I’ve found it much easier to update projects with Facebook.  Please check out Facebook at www.facebook.com/jvcycles. (like it)…

I’ve started and almost completed another “naked” Goldwing Café project.  This bike floated around between friends of mine until one weak day when she found a home at JVCycles.  This 1975 GL1000 wouldn’t start and looked very used when I bought it.  The first order of business was to disassemble the GL by removing the carburetors, radiator, fuel tank and replace the timing belts.  Once the radiator and shelter were removed getting to the timing belts is much easier.  After you replace enough of these it’s pretty easy! 

Next the carburetors were removed, cleaned and rebuilt with Randakk’s Master Carburetor Kit.  It’s the only kit I’ve ever used.  The jets were not OEM jets so I made sure I found the right size jets on eBay before going any further. 

Once the Carbs were done my focus turned to the fuel tank.  There was some surface rust inside that had to go.  I used phosphoric acid found at Tractor Supply under the name “milk stone remover”.  A 1:5 ratio of phosphoric acid and H2O does the trick.  48 hours later the fuel tank looks as good as new.  I don’t like using a tank sealer so I mix fuel and oil and slouch it around then drain it out.  This give the tank a good coating of oil and prevents rusting.  I reinstalled the tank and the carbs along with a new fuel pump and fuel lines.  I think the fuel system is good to go!

The handlebars were the next area of focus.  I decided to use a pair of low raise black bars to give the GL a more café like look.  Once the controls were painted and new cables installed it was time for the gauges.  I decided to keep the gauges looking more like stock with a subtle naked wing graphic for the temp gauge.  I also tried something new on these gauges… I used wrinkle black paint.  I really liked it.  I liked it so much that I painted the valve covers, radiator “wings” and timing chain covers with the same wrinkle paint. 

Paint was next.  I really like the look of Randakk’s RC-003… Not stock but not so cafed out that it looks strange.  I cut the rear or bottom of the front fender off to make the rear look more like the front of the front fender.  Currently it’s painted with a candy red, but I’m not sure it’s going to stay that way.  The rear fender was wrapped with gloss block 3M vinyl.  Again, I think both the front and rear fender might get powder coated, but I’m not sure what color… semi-gloss black or flat silver… The shelter was painted metallic red and the side covers were painted black and the OEM decal was applied.  I also suck a CBR1000RR emblem to the side of the shelter.  To give it that café look, a EMGO Viper fairing was installed.  A Corbin Gunfighter seat is a must! 

The wheels are currently painted black to hide the rusty spokes, but stay tune… Things are changing…