Kohler Sink Faucet Repair

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kohler sink faucet repair kohler sink faucet repair - KOHLER K-596-BL
KOHLER K-596-BL Simplice Single-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Matte Black
KOHLER K-596-BL Simplice Single-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Matte Black
Kohler K-596-BL Simplice Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Combining an elegant transitional high-arch design with exceptional ergonomics and functionality, the Kohler Simplice pull-down kitchen faucet delivers a truly innovative faucet solution for a wide variety of kitchen applications. This version comes in a matte black finish that accentuates the sleek aesthetic of the Simplice and complements popular stainless steel kitchen sinks and appliances. It's also available in vibrant stainless and polished chrome finishes.
Simplice faucet
High-arch spout design with 360-degree rotation for a variety of sink activities (polished chrome finish shown; view larger).At a Glance
K-596 Simplice Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
At a Glance:

High-arch spout design with 360-degree rotation

Three-function sprayhead with spray, aerated flow, and pause

ProMotion technology with nylon hose and ball joint for easy operation

Matte black finish

Single-hole design, includes escutcheon

Limited lifetime warranty

At a Glance

The three-function pull-down sprayhead with Kohler's ProMotion technology ensures offers enhanced ergonomics for effortless operation. It's easy to maneuver with its durable and quiet, braided nylon hose and ball joint swivel sprayhead. The Simplice utilizes solid sculpted buttons to provide improved operation even with wet or soapy hands, and it includes a pause function to temporarily pause water flow to permit movement of sprayhead out of sink area to fill pots. Additionally, the MasterClean sprayface resists mineral buildup and is easy-to-clean.
This single-control faucet is designed for single-hole installation for less counter clutter and easy operation, but it can be used for three-hole installations using the included 10-1/2-inch escutcheon plate. A one-piece, self-contained ceramic disc valve allows both volume and temperature control. It has a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute (GPM), and it meets CalGreeen requirements for kitchen faucets. The spout measure 16-5/8 inches tall and it has a 9-inch reach when the sprayhead is at rest. It's also ADA compliant.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, this Kohler faucet is to be leak and drip free during normal residential use for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns his or her home. If the faucet should leak or drip during normal use, Kohler will mail to the purchaser, free of charge, the cartridge necessary to put the faucet in good working condition.
What's in the Box
One Kohler Simplice pull-down faucet, one escutcheon plate, and installation instructions.

Simplice sprayhead
Compact three-function sprayhead with spray, aerated flow, and pause
(vibrant stainless finish shown; view larger).

Kohler 22-nozzle Bodyspray Faucet
Kohler 22-nozzle Bodyspray Faucet
Kohler K-8003 WaterTile® 22-nozzle bodyspray delivers a voluminous, stimulating hydrotherapy experience. Its fully adjustable, pivoting MasterClean™ sprayface resists mineral buildup for years of reliable performance.
Kohler Stillness Soap Dish
Kohler Stillness Soap Dish
Kohler Stillness Bath Accessory K-14461 Soap Dish.
kohler sink faucet repair
Moen 7594CSL Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet, Classic Stainless
Finish:Classic Stainless The Arbor line delivers streamlined and timeless transitional styling that meets personal preferences and houses a host of performance features that make Arbor extremely flexible and friendly to use. Available in a Chrome, Classic Stainless or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish Pulldown spout Onehandle lever design for ease of use Aerated stream; pause function; powerful rinse Single hole mount ADA compliant Hydrolock quick connect system for easy installation Limited lifetime warranty

Flexible and friendly to use, Moen's Arbor line delivers streamlined and timeless transitional styling that meets personal preferences and houses a host of performance features. This high-arc pulldown kitchen faucet (model 7594) in classic stainless features a one–handle lever design for ease of use and a pullout spout that uses Moen's Reflex pulldown system, which provides smooth operation, easy movement, and secure docking. The three-function sprayer includes an aerated stream, powerful rinse, and pause. This faucet is ADA compliant.
Arbor pulldown
Single–handle lever design for ease of use
(chrome shown; view larger).At a Glance
Moen Arbor Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
At a Glance:
One–handle lever design for ease of use

Classic stainless finish

Pullout spray with 68-inch braided hose

Aerated stream; powerful rinse; pause function

Hydrolock quick connect installation system

Limited lifetime warranty

At a Glance

This Arbor faucet includes Moen's 1255 Duralast cartridge, which provides a consistently smooth handle feel for life of the faucet. The smooth handle movement offers precise control, allowing you to fine-tune temperature balance. And it slips easily and correctly into place with no guesswork, thanks to a keyed outer shell.
It features a single-hole mount, but it can be used with three-hole installations with the included escutcheon. Water flow is limited to a maximum of 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm).
Moen Reflex Pulldown System
With Reflex, Moen has created the best, most user-friendly pulldown faucet experience. Driven by input from actual users, Moen focused on creating a comprehensive collection of improvements and enhancements that work together to naturally respond to the way you work, and the way you want your faucet to work. Along with an ultraflexible hose, the spray wand offers the greatest range of motion for exceptionally easy movement. And it returns to the docked position after use without additional assistance--no matter where it is released.
Hydrolock Installation System
Moen's innovative Hydrolock installation system allows water lines to be connected with a snap for faster and easier installation, eliminating the needs for tools. Hydrolock assures the connection is secure, with an audible, visual, and tactile confirmation of proper installation.
Application: One-hole or three-hole
Connection size: 3/8-inch
Connection type: Compression
Supply length: 32
Spout height: 15.9 inches
Hose length: 68 inches

This Moen Arbor is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against leaks, drips and finish defects to the original consumer purchaser. For commercial installations, it's backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
What's in the Box
Moen Arbor pulldown kitchen faucet, escutcheon, installation instructions
Arbor kitchen pulldown
Pulldown design with three-function sprayer.Arbor kitchen pulldown
Flexible and friendly to use.