I am an economist who specializes in healthcare research and public policy. I graduated from Columbia University last May and am now a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. In August 2016, I will return to NYC to join the Department of Economics and Accounting at Hunter College, CUNY as an assistant professor of economics.

My research uses applied microeconomics methods to study topics in health economics, education economics, and political economy. The research tab to the left contains information about my projects in these fields. You can also find my CV at the bottom of this page.

Please feel free to contact me.

Jessica Van Parys

Department of Economics                                   The Dartmouth Institute
Hunter College, CUNY                                        Level 5, WTRB
695 Park Avenue                                                 1 Medical Center Drive
New York, NY 10065                                           Lebanon, NH 03765
jv947@hunter.cuny.edu                                       jessica.van.parys@dartmouth.edu
(646) 872-3502

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