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My 5800

MyInfo log:

MyInfo B5.6 Logging settings etc on: 8/4/2012 at 06:55

Waiting for other TAPs to load and settle

Ini file found
Starting to record data 79 seconds from boot

System ID: 456
TV Output: Type = PAL, Video = SVHS, RF Channel = 36
Reported firmware version: TF-NPT 5.13.65T dated Oct 10 2009
Base firmware version: 5.13.65

Running TAPS:
Slot 0: EPG2MEI v0.96  :  Dumps the EPG data to disk as EPG.mei, with changes since last time in EPG_diff.mei
Slot 1: QuickJump 1.72  :  Jump with the coloured buttons
Slot 2: Font Manager 1.0d  :  Manage TAP Fonts
Slot 3: Extend v1.7  :  Uses the Accurate Recording info to extend recordings (safely)
Slot 4: SecCache (UK) v0.4  :  Optimal (UK) section caching to reduce the load on the Toppy
Slot 5: EIT Sub (Game) v0.6  :  Provides faster, simpler and more robust EIT data collection, except when playing games
Slot 6: MyInfo B5.6  :  Displays & records Toppy basic info
Slot 7: TF5000 Display v1.40  :  Controls the LED display
Slot 8: MyStuff 6.4  :  UI Replacement 
Slot 9: MHEG On/Off A3  :  MHEG control
Slot 10: FFWD v0.7  :  Super fast forward and rewind
Slot 11: ScreenCapture with OSD V2.10  :  Capture live screen + OSD
Slots 12 - 15 not used

Found Auto Start TAP which is no longer running: FastScanGUI v0.6d (Filename: fastscangui-Hannington.tap)

Installed patch list:-  Ab Bf Bm Bq C0 Ce Cf Ck Cp Ct Cw Cy De Ec Ee Ef Ep Er Es F Fm Fs Gm H He I Kt M Mh Nf Ot P Pc Pe Ps R R3 Ra Re Rh Rp Rs S Sd Sl Sr St T2 Td Te Tf Tp Ts U Uu Ux Vr Xp Xw Z Xl
Firmware MS6 Recommended F/W 12/9/2009  modified thus: -Sy+Bm+C0+Cf+Ct+Fs+I+M+Pe+Ps+R3+U+Uu+Ux+Z
Patch Decode Links - Will explain your patches:
MS6 Recommended F/W 12/9/2009 :- http://www.toppy.org.uk/~simonc/dp.html?p=AbBfBmBqC0CeCfCkCpCtCwCyDeEcEeEfEpErEsFFmFsGmHHeIKtMMhNfOtPPcPePsRR3RaReRhRpRsSSdSlSrStT2TdTeTfTpTsUUuUxVrXpXwZXl
Missing patches:- http://www.toppy.org.uk/~simonc/dp.html?p=Sy
Extra patches:- http://www.toppy.org.uk/~simonc/dp.html?p=BmC0CfCtFsIMPePsR3UUuUxZ

Time Mode set to Auto
Time Offset set to Auto

Found 28 TV channels and 10 Radio channels
No channel problems detected
LCNs of programme channels found on Tx Ch 41 are: 10, 27, 30, 31, 39, 44, 724, 728, 
LCNs of programme channels found on Tx Ch 42 are: 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 28, 33, 
LCNs of programme channels found on Tx Ch 44 are: 19, 25, 29, 723, 
LCNs of programme channels found on Tx Ch 45 are: 1, 2, 7, 9, 80, 105, 301, 702, 704, 705, 706, 707, 708, 710, 
LCNs of programme channels found on Tx Ch 47 are: 12, 15, 18, 24, 

Interactive Off
Timeshift On

Memory - Free: 13 MB,  Available: 12 MB
Disk - Total: 1397 GB, Free: 629 GB

142 recordings (198 GB) + 5 deleted (8 GB) in 33 folders (+ 16 empty folders)

Time since boot: 0:0:1 (d:h:m)

Suggested signature for Toppy forum - copy following lines to signature block at http://forum.toppy.org.uk/forum/profile.php?mode=editprofile

TF5800,  TS On, F/W: MS6 Recommended F/W 12/9/2009 -Sy+BmC0CfCtFsIMPePsR3UUuUxZ 
TAPs:  EPG2MEI v0.96; MyStuff 6.4; Font Manager 1.0d; Extend v1.7; SecCache (UK) v0.4; EIT Sub (Game) v0.6; MyInfo B5.6; TF5000 Display v1.40; QuickJump 1.72; MHEG On/Off A3; FFWD v0.7; ScreenCapture with OSD V2.10; (FastScanGUI v0.6d);
Sig generated by MyInfo on 8/4/12

Other installed TAPs

  • TAPCommander for changing the start order of AutoStart TAPs and other functions 
  • FastScanGUI for quick scanning of only my local transmitter (actually, this runs in AutoStart, but exits if it finds channels); 
  • Channel Organiser for updating MyStuff Favourites (e.g. when the channel line-up changes and affects any of my Favourites files)
  • FWLoad for adding / removing patches
  • HDDInfo for diagnosing issues with the hard drive
  • SignalMonitor for diagnosing issues with the signal
All the above are automatically installed to /ProgramFiles/Utilities by the Windows MyStuff installer.

MyStuff options

MyStuff v6.4
Sat 18 Feb 2012 12:07

Now & Next/EPG views - General
A1: Large font=Yes
A2: Channel display style=LCN/Name
A3: Display channel logo=Yes
A4: Display genre=Yes
A5: Display episode name=Yes

Now & Next/EPG views - Description Area
B1: Display Now/Now+1/Now+2...=No
B2: Duration style=Xh Ym
B3: Progress text style=+hm/-hm(%)
B4: Progress bar style=Split
B5: Progress bar colour=Solid
B6: Display 'Starts in...'=Yes
B7: Display icon on Films/Movies=Yes
B8: Display icon on flagged programmes=Yes

Grid EPG/Grid Now & Next
C1: Display progress bars=No
C2: Cell style=Rounded
C3: Display MoreProgram indicators in Grid EPG=Yes
C4: Number of channels/font size=11/Small
C5: Number of hours to display in Grid EPG=3 Hrs
C6: Channel to show at top of Grid EPG/Grid Now & Next=Current (P)
C7: Time for left hand edge of Grid EPG=Now - 15m
C8: Style of Now Line in Grid EPG=Short
C9: Transparency of Now Line in Grid EPG=Solid

Single Channel View
D1: Display descriptions for all programmes=Yes
D2: Display extra programmes in 2 columns=Yes

EPG Chain
E1: View on first press of the EPG key=Grid EPG
E2: View on second press of the EPG key=Toppy EPG
E3: View on third press of the EPG key=Off
E4: View on fourth press of the EPG key=Off

Now & Next
F1: Display extra gap below Now & Next=No
F2: Display Now & Next on channel change=Banner
F3: Now & Next display duration (seconds)=Til Exit
F4: Now & Next auto display duration (seconds)=2
F5: Number of extra programs on Now & Next=2
F6: Number of extra programs on extended Now & Next=6
F7: Expand Now & Next to display full program information=Yes
F8: Display descriptions for extra programmes=Yes
F9: Display extra programmes in 2 columns=Yes

Now & Next Chain
G1: View on first press of the Now & Next key, and on Screensaver=Banner
G2: View on second press of the Now & Next key=Normal
G3: View on third press of the Now & Next key=Extended
G4: View on fourth press of the Now & Next key=Off
G5: Activate Now & Next chain from arrow keys=No

Extended Info
H1: Large font on Extended Info=No
H2: Description to show in Extended Info=Normal

J1: Pad Timers at Start (minutes)=2
J2: Pad Timers at End (minutes)=6
J3: Allow automatic padding removal across all channels=Yes
J4: Split Programme Timer Combine=15 mins
J5: Autofile manually set Film timers to /Films=Yes
J6: Display results of recording episode at a different time=Yes

K1: Number of days to search for Text/PowerSearches=8
K2: Adjust manual timers for schedule changes=Yes
K3: Channels to search by default=Single
K4: Search PlusOne channels by default=No
K5: AutoFile new Searches by default=Yes
K6: Show programme name folders in Move To=No
K7: Merge back to back timers=Yes
K8: Retain part watched recordings on Keep Searches=No
K9: Type of Search to create on pressing SlowMo=Menu
K10: Type of Search to create on pressing Blue=Power
K11: Offer to record Series on pressing Record=Always
K12: Search validity period=24 weeks

Archive Defaults
L1: Select newest file when sorting by date=Yes
L2: Select most recently played file=Yes
L3: Default Archive view=Recs Date
L4: During use, remember previous Archive list mode=No
L5: When sorting recordings by date, show newest first=No
L6: When sorting timers by date, show earliest first=Yes
L7: Scroll by Day in Timers By Date=No
L8: Display Toppy Archive from MyStuff Archive=Yes
L9: Quick Delete after % viewed=70 %
L10: AutoRewind after % viewed=70 %
L11: Automatically show Archive when stopping recordings=Yes
L12: Searches view to display on Press & Hold Archive activation key=By Priority

Archive Style
M1: Display folders at end of list=No
M2: Hide empty folders=Yes
M3: Hide locked files from other users=No
M4: Display scrollbar=Yes
M5: Timer duration style=XX:YY
M6: Recording duration style=Xh Ym
M7: Viewed/remaining duration style=T (%)
M8: Display Description Area=Always
M9: Allow Flat View of recordings=Yes
M10: Display Flag timers=All
M11: Display Excluded timers=All
M12: Logo to display for Series/PowerSearch=Channel

Recycle Bin
N1: Use Recycle Bin=Yes
N2: AutoDelete period=8 days
N3: AutoDelete low disk space=10 %
N4: Add available space in Recycle Bin to Archive estimates=Yes

P1: Jump in seconds on Red key=150
P2: Jump in seconds on Green key=90
P3: Jump in seconds on Yellow key=30
P4: Jump in seconds on Blue key=-20
P5: Rewind when unpausing playback with Play=15
P6: Also rewind when unpausing playback with Pause=No

Q1: EPG chain activation key=Guide
Q2: Now & Next chain activation key=Info
Q3: Archive key=Archive
Q4: Timer key=List
Q5: Archive Description Toggle key=Info
Q6: Extended Info key=PiP Switch
Q7: Resume Playback key=SloMo
Q8: Jump To Start key=None
Q9: Jump To Next Episode key=Text
Q10: Jump To PrimeTime=None
Q11: Resume/Restart Playback from Archive keys=OK/Play
Q12: Text entry auto advance delay (100 = 1 second)=100

EPG Data
R1: EPG Source Filename=EPG.mei
R2: EPG Data reload frequency=30m
R3: Force reload of Searches=No
R4: Display feedback when reloading EPG Data=Yes
R5: EPG Scan Duration=15 mins
R6: Channel for EPG Scan=BBC ONE
R7: EPG Scan Time=06:55

S1: Screensaver Style=Now & Next
S2: No Options=No Options
S3: Screensaver Delay=20 secs
S4: Live Radio Screensaver Style=Now & Next

T1: Exclusive Mode=Extreme
T2: PrimeTime=19:00
T3: Playback stopped functionality=Silent
T4: Action when changing to a channel being recorded=Ask
T5: Continue sequential playback=Yes
T6: Enable AccurateBookmark support=Yes
T7: Suppress Toppy playback and recording roundels=Yes
T8: Display MyStuff volume bar=No
T9: AutoMute when EPG or Archive displayed=No

U1: Skin File=BlackJuWlz.mcf
U2: Gradient level to apply to skin=None
U3: X Offset to apply to all MyStuff displays=0
U4: Y Offset to apply to all MyStuff displays=0
U5: Y Offset for icons=0
U6: Y Offset for text=0
U7: Display EPG/Archive/Options full screen=No
U8: Effect to use when displaying popup boxes=Fade Out

Channel Lists/Favourites/Radio Support
V1: Default Channel List=EPG Favourites
V2: TV Channel List=EPG Favourites
V3: Radio Channel List=EPG Favourites

W1: PowerOff Handler=Internal
W2: Enable automatic PowerOff=Yes
W3: Auto PowerOff Time=00:15
W4: PowerOff after EPG Scan Timer=No
W5: Front Panel text=Short

Z5: API processing frequency=5m
Z6: Display feedback when processing API requests=No
Z7: Remember last selected option in Options screen=No