Juwlz's Toppies

Toppy is an affectionate name for a Topfield Freeview PVR (and Juwlz is pronounced JOOLS).

I've been a Toppy user and forum member since 2005, and a member of the MyStuff team since November 2006.

You'll find various snippets of (hopefully) useful reference material on the main Toppy Reference Info page.  Longer reference articles get a page to themselves.  The Toppy forum is very active and its members are very helpful.

It is no longer possible to buy a new 5800 or 5810, but you may still find refurbished units in Turbosat's ebay store, or as second hand units on eBay. 

For more information to help you make a decision, see Should I buy a Toppy?

My Black 5800 - 1.5TB

A Grade A machine bought from Turbosat's eBay store in May 2009

Andy Fraser upgraded the hard drive for me at the same time as the capacitors were changed as a preventative measure in May 2011. 

This Toppy is our main machine, and lives in the lounge, hooked up to our AV system.  We also have a wired (CAT5) system which can distribute the output from the AV to TVs elsewhere in the house. 

5800 MyInfo log, TAP list, MyStuff Settings

My 5810 - 160GB

A new machine from John Lewis in May 2009.  This was a replacement for a 5800 lost in transit by the courier on its way for repair, and originally had a 500GB drive. 

In March 2011, after a number of successive disk crashes, andyfras replaced most of it with one he'd recently bought cheaply on eBay, when he was unable to quickly diagnose the cause of the crashes.  I still have my original front panel and power cable, but the rest of the machine (including the hard drive, as the crashes had totally trashed the old one) has been replaced.  It has been fitted with a fan. 

This machine gets used for MyStuff testing, as I'm the only team member who has a 5810.  It is usually hooked up to an original Slingbox (the model we have is no longer available).   

5810 MyInfo log, TAP list, MyStuff settings

My Silver 5800 - 250GB

Some years ago I bought a second hand Toppy for my parents.  My plan had been to send it off to MikeyP for preventative repair before giving it to them, but he disappeared from the forums around that time, so I was unable to do so. 

Unfortunately, my instincts proved correct because after I'd installed MyStuff and set everything up for them, when I took it to their house, retuning in their area was the last straw for the PSU and the tuners packed up.  At around the same time, the hard drive on my own first Toppy died, so I replaced my own Toppy with the Black one (above), and (after a friend kindly replaced the capacitors in the machine with the fried hard drive by following the instructions on the PSU Repair Wiki page) put the good hard drive in the machine with the good tuners, and gave that one back to my parents.

The other one lay hidden away for some time, until we dragged it out of storage where it had been kept while we were having some building work done at home.  By this time Andy Fraser had became an active Toppy repairer, so  I took it to him, and his standard capacitor replacement repair brought the tuners back to life.  The old hard drive was replaced by the original one from the black Toppy (which now has a 1.5TB one).  It now lives in the bedroom, and is set up in a similar way to my Black 5800, so doesn't have its own page. 

It got a new hard drive in Feb 2012, after the original one from the Black Toppy finally bit the dust.

Mum and Dad's 5800 - 160GB

A second hand Toppy cobbled together from parts (see above), and residing in the Southampton area.  It's probably overdue for some of Andy's Toppy TLC by now. 

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