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Passionate about the latest technologies, their convergence, their impact, and profoundly technical nuances of specific disciplines. My professional background is in computer science with some connotations to computational, software and electrical engineering, as well as in environmental science.

It has been more than fifteen years of my professional commitment and I now became a globally-focused technologist in a set of selected information and computational methodologies and technologies, generally called cyber-physical systems in the internet of things. I joined NVIDIA in 2017 to work on autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. 

Since then, I enjoyed two significant measures of professional recognition. In 2018, I landed on the Business Insider’s annual list of the Most Powerful Women Engineers 2018. In 2017, I won an Individual Award of the Society of Women Engineers in the category of Emerging Leaders


  • Here is my podcast on autonomous transportation of 2018.  
  • Here are some panel discussions on autonomous vehicles in 2017 and 2018. 2019 already provides new insights. 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

  • Here is a podcast on autonomy created by HERE Technologies late 2018.

YouTube Video

  • Here is a video that we created in November 2017 for school kids to explain the autonomy.

YouTube Video

  • Here is a Huffington Post article on autonomous driving as of September 2016. 
  • Here is the video on my previous undertaking on self-driving cars and the computing platform in a data cloud city: 

I am also supporting the ANA Avatar XPrize and Dr. Harry Kloor who is leading the effort announced as ready to launch as of October 2016. 

Our previous deliverable is described in this video: The Smart Emergency Response System (SERS) as Actionable Intelligence (White House) followed by the What-If Search Engine participating in Global City Teams Challenge 2014-2015 (NIST). SERS Deployment was presented in "Transforming On-Demand Emergency Communications with Drones" Homeland Security Today of May 2015.


YouTube Video


 In 2013-2014, I was proudly representing MathWorks, Incand I was leading an external team and a project on Smart Emergency Response System featured at the White House in June 2014 as a part of SmartAmerica Challenge 2014

I am running a non-profit initiative HumanoidWay in modeling and simulation in relation to next-generation hardware.  

Recently, I got involved in mentoring Summer Simulation Multi-Conference 2014 as a General Chair, held early July 2014. 

Before I was at Harvard University, in the role of a postdoctoral scientist and a fellow at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative - HHI in Cambridge (Boston Area), MA, USA, where I performed research on modeling and simulation, Model-Based Design, crisis mapping, and integrated computational methods, all in the context of Computation of Things and Computation for Humanity.

Whenever I can, I am with SingularityU at NASA Ames Research Park in Moffett Field, CA, USA. Recently, in Summer 2011, as a Teaching Fellow in Network and Computing Systems/Nanotechnology Tracks at SingularityU.

I also truly enjoy project management, business analysis, and technical marketing activities. In Fall 2011, I founded a company SimulatedWay with a world-wide operations focus. The company IP has then been sold late 2012. 

You can find some of my professional blogs from 2009-2010 here. Here is my MATLAB Central Profile, and here is the GitHub profile.

In 2011-2014, I was cooperating with Gdansk University of Technology in Poland as a Visiting Professor, offering a block lecture and seminar series on Engineering and Technology – Exploration of Computational Theory and Practice, Numerical Integration, and Model-Based Design for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems - FOKUS, a research institute located in Berlin, Germany is the place where I was employed at in years 2004-2010.
There, I was a project manager and research scientist working in the areas of software engineering, software quality assurance, modeling, simulation, business and technical analyses. Here, I also created MiLEST, with great help of Abel Marrero Pérez and Xuezheng Xiong
I have been fortunate to be one of the forty students selected from 1200 world-wide applications at Singularity University (on technological convergence) at NASA Ames, CA, from which I graduated in 2009. Anytime I can, I enjoy working as a Teaching Fellow there.
At CiviGuard, Inc. co-founded by my friends and myself in 2009 I serve as a research and development consultant.

Further details on my work can be found here or downloaded.

My long-term mission is to realize Computation of Things for Sustainable Development and Human Fulfillment (see, e.g., these Ignite-Style slides or presentation).

With this regards, an edited collection on Computation for Humanity just came out and has been featured in Science Magazine, following the previous book on Model-based Testing for Embedded Systems.

Here are the groups to which I am delighted to be affiliated to.
A pleasure.



MOTION team at Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany
Singularity University Network at NASA Ames, CA, USA
S3EL and SAINT group at University of California, San Diego, CA, USA, 2007
Crisis Mappers, a world-wide consortium 


CiviGuard Technologies, a world-wide Initiative

Smart Emergency Response System (SERS) Team within SmartAmerica Challenge 2014.

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