justX is interested in LOVE, justice, more LOVE, diFFerENT perspectives and alternatives to a materialistic way of life...believing in the possibility of "us" vs. "me", reconciliation and fellowship in spite of differences in faith, color, nationality, politics or sexuality. Willing to criticize, hoping to edify, willing to challenge some cultural taboos while remaining respectful of cultural diversity.

justX is the former Orthodox Priest, previously known as padre X, i.e. father, πατήρ, rashai Christóforos Schuff (π. Χριστόφορος Σουφ), performing alone or with a variety of musicians. He writes music in a variety of genres and languages, wishing to express a message of love, justice, peace and hope to a variety of audiences, young and old alike. He is a willing, perhaps some would say a "naïve", believer in the inherent goodness of humanity...but this does not make him blind to the rampant illness of egoism, self-fulfillment and greed that is able to weave its way into so many facets of life, politics and big business. justX strives to both fulfill the greatest commands to love God and his neighbor...even when he doesn´t agree with her or him...and to defend the poor and outcast. He wishes to be a voice that provokes deeper thought and reflection as well as a voice of hope!

Through his music he hopes to express his faith and his doubts, his passion for love and life, approaching life blatantly honestly yet unabashedly mercifully...the truth in love and hope!

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