I ran cross-country in junior high school and raced BMX bikes in high school.  I wasn't much of a runner, but I did better on the bike and travelled a bit around the west to national races.  For the next 10 years or so everything I did was focused around sailing (racing, cruising, living aboard, etc.).  You can read more about the sailing at the link on the right 'Aboard S/V Earendil'.  I raced on all kinds of boats from Lasers, 420s, 49ers, catamarans, all kinds of keel boats, and an F-28R a few times.  I got back into running after Chris did her first 5k (Komen Race the Cure in San Diego) in 1998.  The thrill of competition sucked me in, not to mention the health benefits.  In San Diego we did two swim/runs and a bunch of 5ks.  After we moved back to Seattle to return to school, some co-workers of mine mentioned a mountain bike triathlon in Idaho.  Everyone got excited and we all started training for the triathlon about a month before the event.  In the end, Chris & I enjoyed the initial weeks of training so much we bought nice QR wetsuits and none of my coworkers even signed up.  That was 2000 and that race has set my direction for the last 6 years as I have thoroughly enjoyed training and racing triathlons all over the country.  Just this year I bought a road bike so I could ride with the local cycling club and do some of the USCF races in the area.  That has turned over a new leaf for me and I've decided to put energy into cycling for 2007.


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