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how to deploy a Windows7 image with imagex

Windows 7: How to deploy a standard WIM image using imagex.exe

Date:May 3 2010

1. download the .wim image file for your enterprise deployment

2. download or create a Windows 7 deployment USB boot key - ie WinPE 3.0 and copy the WinPE files to it such as imagex.exe, dism.exe, etc
3. Image a USB key with the Windows 7 USB boot image

4. boot the target machine with the USB key
( use F9 on an HP notebook to choose “USB Harddrive” to boot )

5. Use the Mapdrive interface if installed to map a drive to the local share containing the enterprise .wim image file ( Win7-image ) or map a drive manually from the cmd prompt
   ( Mapdrive can be downloaded from download.net or softpedia.com )

6. start a command line interface  ( from the Mapdrive interface if installed )

7. Run diskpart and run the following commands ( on a single disk system )
a. select disk 0
b. clean
c. select disk 0
d. create partition primary
e. select partition 1
f. format fs=ntfs quick
g. select partition 1
h. active
i. drive letter=c
j. rescan
k. list partition ( ensure there is an *
next to Partition 1 )
j. exit

8. Run diskpart again and ensure that partition 1 is active

9. run imagex.exe from the Windows 7 WinPE USB key as follows
a. F: ( ie change to F: or whatever drive the actual USB key is )
b. cd F:\Tools\Win7-AIK-Tools\x86        ( ie the WinPE tools you copied to the USB drive earlier )
c. imagex /apply R:\win7-image.wim 1 c: ( replace win7-image.wim with your image name )
( R: being the drive you mapped, c: being the drive you created in 7)

10. run the 32 bit BCDEdit from the Win7 WinPE USB key from X:\windows\system32 with the following cmd
Bcdedit c:\windows

11. Reboot( if using Mapdrive 2.76 use the reboot button, otherwise use the power button to reboot, or use the shutdown command from the tools directory

12. Windows 7 Enterprise should boot.

13. If windows 7 does not boot properly, boot up with the Windows 7 USB key, and run diskpart again and check that the partition 1 is active, and rerun the bcdedit command.
14. For the enterprise version you have three days to activate windows 7. To activate you must change the product ID to a valid Windows 7 License #. This will fix the DNS activation error you will receive otherwise.
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