What Students Say

What SDSU Students have said about the PrisonTour:

(Many PrisonTour alumni have gone on to careers in law, law enforcement, teaching, prosecution, probation, parole, corrections, politics, even writing.)

"If everyone could see and feel what I saw and felt on the PrisonTour,
we could begin to find some answers to the incredibly complex questions of crime and punishment."
"by far, the best experience I had in my five years at SDSU!"

"an absolutely incredible opportunity; it should be required of all CJ majors!"

"I learned more than I thought possible; I learned I was so wrong about so much!"

"My fear and hate have been replaced by compassion & understanding. I was so wrong!"

"not just a learning experience, but a growing experience. I am a different person now."

"The people, the places, the emotions! They are all a part of me now; I will never forget..."

"This should be a requirement for all majors: everyone should have to do this!"